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Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is editor-at-large at The Diplomat and director of research for Diplomat Risk Intelligence. Follow him on Twitter.

Ankit Panda is an award-winning American writer, analyst, and researcher specializing in international security, defense, geopolitics, and economics. His work has appeared in a range of publications, including the New York Times, the Washington PostForeign AffairsForeign Policy, the Diplomat, the Atlantic, the Daily Beast, Politico Magazine, and War on the Rocks.

He is currently editor-at-large at the Diplomat, where he writes daily on security, geopolitics, and economics in the Asia-Pacific region and hosts a popular podcast. Panda is also director of research for Diplomat Risk Intelligence, the Diplomat’s consulting and analysis division. He is also an adjunct senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, where his work focuses on nuclear and conventional force developments in Asia, deterrence, and nuclear strategy.

He is a contributing editor at War on the Rocks, a weekly columnist for the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, and an analyst for NK Pro, a specialist North Korea-focused service. He previously worked at the Council on Foreign Relations. Panda has been a Korea Society Kim Koo Fellow, a German Marshall Fund Young Strategist, and a Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs New Leader.

Panda has additionally published scholarly research in journals including the Washington Quarterly, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and India Review. He is additionally a contributor to the International Institute on Strategic Studies’ Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment and Strategic Survey. Panda is also a consultant for a number of governments, international institutions, and corporations. He is a frequent participant in Track-2 and Track-1.5 dialogues in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Panda is a graduate of the Princeton School Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He lives in New York City and tweets at @nktpnd.

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Posts by Ankit Panda
September 16, 2020

What Can Asia Expect From Suga’s Japan?

By Ankit Panda
Abe's successor will represent continuity, but faces a challenging set of internal issues.

September 13, 2020

India and Japan’s Proactive Convergence Continues: The ACSA and Beyond

By Ankit Panda
The conclusion of the ACSA is another milestone in a nearly two decade-long process of strategic convergence.
September 09, 2020

Assessing Abe Shinzo’s Geopolitical Legacy

By Ankit Panda
A biographer of Japan’s outgoing prime minister discusses Abe’s lasting legacy on foreign affairs and trade.

September 05, 2020

India-China Tensions Spike in the Himalayas

By Ankit Panda
Indian and Chinese troops will likely continue to face off for the long-haul this winter in Eastern Ladakh.

September 03, 2020

Space Security and Geopolitical Competition in the Asia-Pacific

By Ankit Panda
Between the proliferation of counterspace capabilities and intensifying geopolitical competition, space is a critical domain for Asian powers.

August 26, 2020

Stalemate in the Himalayas: India-China Relations in 2020

By Ankit Panda
The two sides remain mired in a standoff with a final agreement still remote.
August 25, 2020

North Korea Comes to Terms With Internal and External Challenges

By Ankit Panda
North Korea, like much of the world, is looking forward to 2021.

August 22, 2020

Esper Heads to the Pacific: What’s on the Agenda?

By Ankit Panda
In Guam, Esper will meet with his Japanese counterpart.

August 15, 2020

Is the Time Right for Japan to Become Five Eyes’ ‘Sixth Eye’?

By Ankit Panda
Tokyo has wanted into the exclusive multilateral intelligence-sharing club for some time.

August 13, 2020

Patents for Power: Defense Technology and Intellectual Property Law

By Ankit Panda
Robert Farley discusses the intersection of defense technology and intellectual property law.

August 07, 2020

How Does China View the Notion of a New ‘Cold War’?

By Ankit Panda
As U.S.-China relations fray, how does Beijing assess the situation?
August 06, 2020

Did India’s Bifurcation of Kashmir Cast a Shadow Across the Line of Actual Control?

By Ankit Panda
On the one-year anniversary of India’s reorganization of Kashmir, China reiterates its opposition.

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