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April 12, 2024

Afghanistan’s Taliban Leaders Issue Different Messages For Eid

By Riazat Butt
They signal tensions between hardliners and moderates who want to scrap harsher policies to win outside support.

April 11, 2024

Biden-Kishida Summit: The Japan-US Alliance Has Gone Global

By Aamer Madhani and Zeke Miller
The U.S. president praised Japan's growing international clout as the two leaders cemented new areas of cooperation.
April 10, 2024

Exit Polls Suggest a Big Win for South Korea’s Liberal Opposition Parties in Parliamentary Election

By Hyung-jin Kim
Unofficial exit polls suggest the Democratic Party could expand its majority, which would leave conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol a lame duck for his remaining three years in office.

April 09, 2024

China’s Xi Jinping Meets With Russian Foreign Minister in Show of Support

By Associated Press
As Japan’s prime minister visited Washington, China showcased its partnership with Russia.

April 09, 2024

South Korea Launches Its 2nd Military Spy Satellite as North Korea Vows to Do the Same

By Hyung-jin Kim
The Koreas each launched their first spy satellites last year – North Korea in November and South Korea in December – amid heightened animosities.

April 05, 2024

Yellen Calls for Level Playing Field for US Workers and Firms During China Visit

By Fatima Hussein and Ken Moritsugu
The U.S. Treasury Secretary raised what the U.S. considers to be unfair Chinese trade practices in talks with senior Chinese officials.
April 05, 2024

Myanmar’s Intensifying Conflict Taking Massive Rights Toll: UN

By Edith M. Lederer
According to the global body, 18.6 million people in Myanmar will need humanitarian assistance in 2024 – a nineteen-fold increase since the 2021 coup.

April 04, 2024

South Korea’s President Meets Leader of Doctors’ Strike, Seeking End to Walkout

By Hyung-jin Kim
Public surveys show that a majority of ordinary South Koreans support Yoon's plan to sharply increase medical school admissions.

April 03, 2024

Taiwan Hit By Strongest Earthquake in Nearly 25 Years

By Christopher Bodeen
The quake damaged buildings across the island, leaving at least four people dead.

April 02, 2024

World Bank: Debt, Trade Barriers and Uncertainty Will Drag on Asian Economies in 2024

By Elaine Kurtenbach
A new World Bank report says Asian economies are not doing as well as they could be.

April 01, 2024

In Taiwan, Battling Fake News One Conversation at a Time — With a Focus on Seniors

By Huizhong Wu
Fake News Cleaner has hosted more than 500 events in six years, connecting with college students, elementary-school children, and the seniors that, some say, are the most vulnerable to disinformation.
March 29, 2024

Ukraine and India, a Historical Ally of Russia, Hold Talks to Strengthen Ties

By Associated Press
Ukraine's foreign minister visited India a week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladmir Putin.

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