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Elliot Brennan

Elliot Brennan

Elliot Brennan is a non-resident research fellow with the Institute for Security and Development Policy (Sweden). He is the Southeast Asia analyst for the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter (Australia), a contributing analyst at Wikistrat, and a non-resident WSD-Handa fellow with Pacific Forum CSIS (USA).

Elliot Brennan is a non-resident research fellow with the Institute for Security and Development Policy (Sweden). He is the Southeast Asia analyst for the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter (Australia), a contributing analyst at Wikistrat, and a non-resident WSD-Handa fellow with Pacific Forum CSIS (USA). He regularly presents policy advice to governments in Europe and Asia and contributes to policy workshops and academic conferences.

On an ad hoc basis he acts as a political commentator with international media, previously with The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Financial Times, BBC World Service, Sky News, amongst others. In recent years, Elliot has led policy planning workshops with the German Foreign Office, led Track 1.5/Track 2 dialogues and roundtables in Asia, acted as advisor to the former prime minister of Somalia, lectured at Yangon University and Otago Foreign Policy School, and has been a panelist at conferences such as the German Marshal Fund’s India Trilateral Forum. His areas of research include conflict analysis, crisis management and resource security.

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Posts by Elliot Brennan
August 26, 2015

Australia’s Worldview, Minus the Spin

By Elliot Brennan
Is Australia moving out of the “slipstream” of power?

July 09, 2015

China’s Strengthening Position on Rare Earths

By Elliot Brennan
Did China just win the long-game on rare earth metals?
July 02, 2015

Lowy Poll: Terrorism Not China Australia’s Biggest Concern

By Elliot Brennan
Only 24 percent of Australians feel “very safe” in their country.

June 08, 2015

In Terror Fight, Australia Debates Revoking Citizenship

By Elliot Brennan
A controversial proposal would strip would-be terrorists of citizenship. Will that help?

May 29, 2015

Australia Speaks Plainly on the South China Sea

By Elliot Brennan
The country’s defense officials make their strongest statements yet on the disputes.

May 24, 2015

Budgets, Diplomacy and Australia’s Foreign Aid

By Elliot Brennan
Australian diplomacy is going through an “unsettled period.”
February 11, 2015

East Timor’s ‘Poet Warrior’ Steps Down

By Elliot Brennan
Xanana Gusmao has resigned as prime minister.

February 05, 2015

Death Sentences & Diplomacy: Australia’s Strained Indonesia Ties

By Elliot Brennan
Incompatible attitudes towards recreational drugs complicates Australian diplomacy in the region.

January 14, 2015

PNG: The World’s Biggest Grower in 2015?

By Elliot Brennan
Forecasts that have Papua New Guinea’s economy surging this year seem to be missing a few problems.

December 17, 2014

Lessons from the Sydney Hostage Siege

By Elliot Brennan
Rushing to fit lone wolf attacks into prevailing narratives is a mistake.

December 15, 2014

Australia Needs a Foreign Policy Vision

By Elliot Brennan
The Abbott government must break Australia’s “provincial reflex” in foreign policy.
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