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Grant Wyeth

Grant Wyeth

Grant Wyeth is a Melbourne-based political analyst specializing in Australia and the Pacific, India and Canada.

Alongside his work for The Diplomat, his analysis has also been published by a range of outlets including Foreign PolicyWorld Politics ReviewThe Lowy InterpreterEU ObserverMelbourne Asia ReviewInside Story and foreign affairs publications attached to Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

He is formerly an academic researcher at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, and previously wrote the weekly newsletter for Australian Foreign Affairs magazine. Presently he is an editor at Asia-Pacific Development, Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue. and writes a weekly newsletter and periodic essays on his Substack: International Blue.

Grant holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics) from La Trobe University, and a Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne.

He tweets @grantwyeth

Posts by Grant Wyeth
March 29, 2024

Australia’s Opportunity to Deepen Ties With Bangladesh

By Grant Wyeth
For Australia, building a fruitful and productive relationship with Bangladesh means taking the Rohingya refugee crisis seriously.

March 28, 2024

Does Urban Design Matter for International Engagement?

By Grant Wyeth
Good design is a decentralized mechanism for international engagement. It is a soft power tool that can produce expanding effects.
March 21, 2024

A Serious Question: Can Australia Trust the United States?

By Grant Wyeth
Asking the question isn’t a sign of betrayal. It's indicative of an emotionally mature country that thinks seriously about its strategic circumstances. 

February 29, 2024

Australia-Philippines Strategic Partnership in the Spotlight as Marcos Addresses Australian Parliament

By Grant Wyeth
Central to Marcos’ speech – and to growing Australia-Philippines ties – are concerns about China’s behavior in the South China Sea. 

February 13, 2024

Indian Ocean Leaders Warn of Threats to Shipping, Stability

By Grant Wyeth
The more direct, yet undeclared, theme of the Indian Ocean Conference was China.

February 07, 2024

It’s Time for Australia to Take a ‘Whole-of-Nation’ Approach to Foreign Policy

By Grant Wyeth
“Whole-of-nation” language carries a sense of urgency that the country’s economy, society, and public institutions must become more alert to their role in the international sphere.
January 31, 2024

Finding Australia in K-Pop

By Grant Wyeth
Soft power circulates, with South Korea’s K-Pop influencing Australia at the same time Australia's self-image as an Asian country continues to evolve.

January 29, 2024

Australia Day: A National Impasse

By Grant Wyeth
Maybe Australia should stop trying to find symbolic worth in the past and instead focus on what kind of country it wants to be in the future.

January 10, 2024

Watching Taiwan’s Election Through Australia’s Eyes

By Grant Wyeth
What is most important to Australia is that the status quo is maintained across the Taiwan Strait.

December 27, 2023

Why Australia Isn’t Sending a Ship to the Red Sea

By Grant Wyeth
In rejecting a request to send a vessel to join Operation Prosperity Guardian, a U.S.-led military operation, Canberra has made a calculation that its focus needs to be closer to home.

December 19, 2023

Out of the Blue: Rising to the Challenges of Australia’s Maritime Security 

By Tom Bamforth, Tom Barber, and Grant Wyeth
Australia has an opportunity to play a more proactive role in coordinating a regional framework to address security concerns across numerous domains.
December 18, 2023

Australia’s New Migration Strategy

By Grant Wyeth
Australia aims to shift the overall character of its migration system away from temporary migration and toward permanent residence and citizenship.

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