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Takahashi Kosuke

Takahashi Kosuke

Takahashi Kosuke is Tokyo Correspondent for The Diplomat.

Takahashi Kosuke is former Tokyo Correspondent for Janes Defence Weekly and  former editor-in-chief of HuffPost Japan. He also was a former staff writer at The Asahi Shimbun and Bloomberg.

Takahashi graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in economics in 1993. After working for The Asahi Shimbun and Dow Jones, he studied at Columbia University’s Journalism School and School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and graduated with Master of Science in Journalism and Master of International Affairs in 2004. Prior to joining the Asahi as a reporter in 1993, he worked for Baltimore Economic Development Corporation as an exchange trainee to a sister city program of Kawasaki City, and researched trade issues between the United States and Japan. He was awarded an Honorary citizenship of Baltimore for his work in 1988.

Posts by Takahashi Kosuke
July 12, 2024

Japan’s Defense White Paper Sounds Alarm Over China, North Korea, Russia

By Takahashi Kosuke
A situation similar to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may occur in East Asia, Tokyo warns.

July 02, 2024

In Okinawa, 2 New Sexual Assault Cases Implicating US Soldiers Fuel Public Anger

By Takahashi Kosuke
Unless corrective measures are made, and quickly, the anti-U.S. military base sentiment and movement in Okinawa will grow, damaging Japan-U.S. cooperation at a crucial time.
June 26, 2024

Japan Air Self-Defense Force to Hold Joint Drills With Germany, France, Spain in July

By Takahashi Kosuke
This is the first time that aircraft from the three European countries’ air forces will be deployed to Japan at the same time.

June 14, 2024

Turkish Naval Corvette TCG Kinaliada Visits Japan to Commemorate 100 Years of Diplomatic Ties

By Takahashi Kosuke
The Turkish warship’s visit also marks the 134th anniversary of the tragic voyage of the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul, which sank off the coast of Japan in 1890.

June 05, 2024

Japan Confirms Chinese Military Drone Flew off the Japanese Coast

By Takahashi Kosuke
For the first time, Japan’s Defense Ministry confirmed that a Chinese military reconnaissance and attack drone had flown off the coast of Amami Oshima, Kagoshima.

June 04, 2024

Shenzhen, China: The World Pioneer in Electric Vehicles

By Takahashi Kosuke
The public and private sectors work together to promote the spread of EVs, as evidenced by the city’s fully electric bus and taxi fleets. 
May 24, 2024

Why Japan Is Lagging Behind in Cyber Defense Capabilities

By Takahashi Kosuke
To introduce active cyber defenses, Tokyo will need to overhaul its bureaucracy and legal framework. 

May 10, 2024

Japan’s Defense Ministry: JS Izumo Drone Video Posted Online Is Highly Likely Authentic

By Takahashi Kosuke
The ministry says “it is taking this extremely seriously as it could pose a serious hindrance to national defense,” and is urgently taking countermeasures.

May 02, 2024

China’s 3rd Aircraft Carrier, the Fujian, Begins Its Maiden Sea Trial

By Takahashi Kosuke
Once deployed, China’s largest warship will project unprecedented striking power in the Indo-Pacific region.

April 23, 2024

1 Dead, 7 Missing After 2 JMSDF Helicopters Crash in the Pacific Ocean

By Takahashi Kosuke
Japan’s minister of defense said the cause was still being investigated, but called a mid-air collision a “high possibility.”

April 12, 2024

Deeper and Wider Defense Integration Tops Japan-US Summit Agenda

By Takahashi Kosuke
The integration of command-and-control authorities of Japanese and U.S. forces in an emergency remains a critical issue, especially on the U.S. side.
April 05, 2024

Japan Investigates Alleged Chinese Drone Footage of JS Izumo

By Takahashi Kosuke
Multiple photos of the Yokosuka-based USS Ronald Reagan were also allegedly taken by a Chinese drone. The authenticity of the footage hasn’t been determined yet.

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