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Takahashi Kosuke

Takahashi Kosuke

Takahashi Kosuke is Tokyo Correspondent for Janes Defence Weekly.

Takahashi Kosuke is former editor-in-chief of HuffPost Japan and a former staff writer at The Asahi Shimbun and Bloomberg.

Takahashi graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in economics in 1993. After working for The Asahi Shimbun and Dow Jones, he studied at Columbia University’s Journalism School and School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and graduated with Master of Science in Journalism and Master of International Affairs in 2004. Prior to joining the Asahi as a reporter in 1993, he worked for Baltimore Economic Development Corporation as an exchange trainee to a sister city program of Kawasaki City, and researched trade issues between the United States and Japan. He was awarded an Honorary citizenship of Baltimore for his work in 1988.

Posts by Takahashi Kosuke
March 20, 2023

Japan Commissions Second Taigei-Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine

By Takahashi Kosuke
The JS Hakugei, like others of its class, is equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

March 07, 2023

Poll: Japanese Support for Self-Defense Forces Rises to Record High

By Takahashi Kosuke
A government poll found that interest in Japan’s security environment – and support for its defense force – is higher than ever.
February 28, 2023

PM Kishida Announces Japan Will Acquire 400 Tomahawk Missiles From US

By Takahashi Kosuke
The missiles, to be deployed on Aegis-equipped destroyers, will add to Japan’s counterstrike capability. 

February 25, 2023

Japan’s Politics Is Flooded With ‘Nepo Babies’

By Takahashi Kosuke
Japan has an unusually high percentage of lawmakers who come from political dynasties – and it shows.

February 08, 2023

Mitsubishi Scraps Development of Japan’s Homegrown Jet

By Takahashi Kosuke
MHI has abandoned the long-held dream of debuting Japan’s first advanced jet liner, citing the lack of profitability. 

January 31, 2023

Japan Ups Profits for Its Defense Industry

By Takahashi Kosuke
With the domestic industry struggling to stay afloat, Japan's defense ministry will increase profit margins for defense contractors to a max of 15 percent. 
January 17, 2023

Kishida’s 3 Dilemmas as G7 President

By Takahashi Kosuke
After his successful tour of 5 G-7 partners, Japan’s three main challenges are apparent: Russia, China, and nuclear weapons.

January 13, 2023

Japan, India to Conduct First Joint Fighter Jet Drill in January

By Takahashi Kosuke
The exercises, Veer Guardian 2023, mark a historic milestone in the two nation’s defense and security ties.

January 07, 2023

Japan, South Korea Wonder: How Strong Is the US Nuclear Umbrella?

By Takahashi Kosuke
Concerns over the United States’ extended deterrence are growing in Tokyo and Seoul.

December 24, 2022

Japan Approves 26.3% Increase in Defense Spending for Fiscal Year 2023

By Takahashi Kosuke
For the ninth year in a row, the budget draft set a new record for Japan’s national defense budget.

December 17, 2022

Japan’s Major Turning Point on Defense Policy

By Takahashi Kosuke
Three new security documents prepared by the Kishida administration mark a new era in Japan’s post-war security strategy.
December 09, 2022

Why Japan Chose Britain and Italy for Its F-X Fighter Program

By Takahashi Kosuke
5 reasons why Japan decided to jointly develop a next-generation fighter with the U.K. and Italy, not the U.S.

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