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Luke Hunt

Luke Hunt

Luke Hunt is a South-east Asia correspondent for The Diplomat and has worked in journalism for more than 25 years.

He has served as bureau chief for Agence France-Presse in Cambodia and in Afghanistan during the Taliban occupation where he was commended by the United Nations for the ‘best and most insightful’ coverage of the Afghan civil war.

Follow him on Twitter at @lukeanthonyhunt.

Posts by Luke Hunt
January 16, 2020

Cambodia: Largest Casino Worker Strike Victory Highlights Wider Rights Issues

By Luke Hunt
While the recent strike resulted in a pay rise commitment, it also spotlighted the wider rights issues and economic challenges for some workers.

January 10, 2020

Jakarta Floods: Yet Another Reminder of Indonesia’s Capital Woes?

By Luke Hunt
The recent incident once again highlighted the woes facing the capital city amid plans to shift it.
December 25, 2019

Can Malaysia Solve Its Big Migrant Worker Challenge?

By Luke Hunt
While the government has cited labor as being an area of priority for reform, it faces an uphill task.

December 04, 2019

US Slaps Trafficking Charges on ‘Dynamite Doug’

By Luke Hunt
The British expat is wanted for his trafficking of stolen and looted Cambodian antiquities.

November 27, 2019

Australian Woman Escapes Death Penalty in Malaysia

By Luke Hunt
The case had been read as a test case for the country under the Pakatan Harapan government.

November 21, 2019

Drug Trafficker Case Another Test for Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan Government

By Luke Hunt
A new case will spotlight Malaysia’s approach to the death penalty at home as well as its ties with Australia and Western countries more generally.
November 13, 2019

Counting the Costs of Sam Rainsy’s Failed Return to Cambodia

By Luke Hunt
The opposition leader’s thwarted bid to return to the country is not without its costs, irrespective of whatever benefits it may generate.

November 07, 2019

Sam Rainsy Return Hype Ripples Across ASEAN

By Luke Hunt
Even though the opposition leader’s return to Cambodia itself may be unlikely, his loudly trumpeted voyage has sparked headlines across the region.

October 30, 2019

A Conversation on Hong Kong

By Luke Hunt
Luke Hunt speaks to RTHK broadcaster Annemarie Evans.

October 18, 2019

A Conversation on China’s Long Regional Shadow

By Luke Hunt
Luke Hunt speaks to Huw Watkin on China’s role in the region and what it means for politics, economics, and security.

October 16, 2019

How Close Is RCEP to Reality?

By Luke Hunt
While progress continues to be touted, challenges remain to be addressed.
September 27, 2019

A New Cambodia-EAEU Trade Deal?

By Luke Hunt
A closer look at a potential development that has been getting more attention of late.

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