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Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan is a foreign affairs columnist and author of “Flying Blind: India’s Quest for Global Leadership.”

Mohamed Zeeshan is a foreign affairs columnist, consultant and author based in Washington, DC. He is a regular writer on international affairs and his key areas of interest are Indian foreign policy, Asian geopolitics and global economics. He has previously served as a consultant to the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York and advised governments in the Middle East on issues of foreign policy and economic reform. Zeeshan has previously written for The Washington Post, The Telegraph and others, and currently writes regular columns on Indian and international affairs for the South China Morning Post and Deccan Herald. His first book, titled “Flying Blind: India’s Quest for Global Leadership,” deals with India’s aspirations and interests as an emerging power and was published by Penguin in 2021. Follow him on X.

Posts by Mohamed Zeeshan
February 19, 2024

In Gaza and the Middle East, India’s Risk Appetite Has Increased

By Mohamed Zeeshan
It has been reported that the Israeli army is set to induct Indian-made drones into its surveillance and aerial bombing fleet.

February 12, 2024

India Needs More Federalism

By Mohamed Zeeshan
In a country as vast and diverse as India, centralization or homogenization of any kind – fiscal, political, or cultural – is a recipe for economic failure.
January 23, 2024

In Iran, Jaishankar Practices India’s Strategic Silence

By Mohamed Zeeshan
In a fractious world where disputes appear intractable, India hopes to use its ambiguous silence as leverage to play its partners off of each other rather than offering support to any side.

January 19, 2024

Modi’s Leading Role at Ram Temple Marks a New Indian Republic

By Mohamed Zeeshan
He has set a precedent for Indian PMs to perform religious functions, thereby effectively rendering non-Hindus unelectable for that position.

January 03, 2024

India Turns the Page on Ties with Russia After Ukraine War

By Mohamed Zeeshan
Over the past two years, India was wary of being perceived as aligned with an isolated Russia. That changed during Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s visit to Moscow.

December 22, 2023

The US Does Not Lack Leverage Over India

By Mohamed Zeeshan
Washington should not avoid honest discussions with India on differences for fear of souring ties.
December 12, 2023

India and the US Can’t be Partners Without Shared Values

By Mohamed Zeeshan
With India under Modi taking an illiberal turn, analysts in Washington are calling for a transactional, security-focused partnership with India, bereft of shared values.

November 27, 2023

A China-US Thaw Would Be Both Good and Bad for India

By Mohamed Zeeshan
Despite sundry differences with India, so long as the United States needs to contain China, it will feel compelled to overlook problems in its ties with Delhi.

November 13, 2023

Gaza War Tests an Excellent Year for India-US Ties

By Mohamed Zeeshan
As the war drags on, New Delhi is unlikely to swim against the tide and align with Washington.

October 26, 2023

A Changed India Looks, Emotes, and Thinks Like Israel

By Mohamed Zeeshan
Its sympathies are with Israel. Indeed, it believes it too is Israel.

October 09, 2023

India’s Hindu Nationalists Hate Gandhi But Struggle to Ignore Him

By Mohamed Zeeshan
The soft power appeal of the Mahatma’s commitment to non-violence and secularism has come in handy for the Modi government’s diplomatic outreach.
September 21, 2023

Trudeau’s Accusation Against India Is Ominous for India-US Ties

By Mohamed Zeeshan
India is a partner against China, but the rationale for countering China is precisely that Beijing engages in the sort of activities which the Canadian PM has accused India of undertaking.

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