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Mong Palatino

Mong Palatino

Mong Palatino served for two terms in the House of Representatives in the Philippines representing the youth sector.

He is a regular blogger and Global Voices regional editor for Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Posts by Mong Palatino
February 21, 2024

UN Expert Cites Need for Legal Reforms in the Philippines

By Mong Palatino
The U.N. special rapporteur noted some improvements under the Marcos administration, but “not sufficient to turn the page decisively on the past.”

February 08, 2024

Are the Dutertes the New Opposition in the Philippines?

By Mong Palatino
Despite their recent tensions with President Marcos and his allies, the Dutertes have not yet fully cut their ties with the ruling coalition.
January 29, 2024

Censorship, AI, Disinformation, and Repression Undermine Asia’s Elections

By Mong Palatino
Old forms of repression, fortified by new technologies, have altered the political atmosphere across the region.

January 22, 2024

Charter Change Bid Moves Forward in the Philippines

By Mong Palatino
A push is afoot to amend the Constitution introduced after the 1986 People Power uprising, a move that is likely to deepen political polarization.

January 02, 2024

Filipino Jeepney Drivers Make Last Stand

By Mong Palatino
Drivers and passengers continue to rail against the government's phase-out of the iconic vehicles.

December 23, 2023

Philippine Broadcast Regulator Suspends TV Show of Former President Duterte

By Mong Palatino
Duterte’s TV show will be off the air for two weeks. Has the former president finally lost the backing of the ruling coalition?
December 14, 2023

Philippine Peace Talks with Communist Rebels Face Several Hurdles

By Mong Palatino
Both sides have committed to renewed talks, but the road to a genuine peace will likely be a long one.

November 27, 2023

Ex-Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Hints at Return to Politics

By Mong Palatino
The former president's announcement is a reaction against real and imagined attempts to undercut his family’s political influence.

November 17, 2023

Ex-Philippine President Duterte Makes Another Threat After Receiving Subpoena

By Mong Palatino
The former leader has been summoned to appear at a court in Quezon City next month.

November 08, 2023

‘Destabilization’ and Disunity in the Philippine Government

By Mong Palatino
Turbulence in Congress and allegations of dissent among the military leadership have undermined President Marcos' "unity" administration.

November 02, 2023

Ex-Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Sued Over ‘Grave Threats’

By Mong Palatino
The case, filed by Representative France Castro over threats made Rodrigo Duterte on his TV program, will be a crucial test of the country's judicial system.
October 26, 2023

Philippines ‘Suspends’ Its Sovereign Investment Fund

By Mong Palatino
It is highly unusual for a government to cancel such a high-priority project. What prompted its decision?

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