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Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan is Distinguished Fellow and Head of the Nuclear and Space Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), one of India’s leading think tanks.

Previously, she held stints at the National Security Council Secretariat, where she was an assistant director, and the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses New Delhi, where she was a research officer.

She is the author of four books, and her research articles have been published extensively in edited volumes, peer-reviewed journals, and newspapers internationally. She has also lectured in Indian military and policy institutions and has been invited to speak in various regional and international fora.

Posts by Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
November 27, 2020

SITMEX: India-Singapore-Thailand Complete Second Trilateral Maritime Exercises

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
China’s growing economic might and its aggressive military posturing have provided India, Singapore and Thailand strategic rationale to combine their efforts.

November 19, 2020

Contradictions Grow Amid Another BRICS Summit

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
The group has always been diverse in terms of economic, political, and security interests. Is it anything more than an ineffective talkshop?
November 12, 2020

India-China Talks on the Standoff: Cautious Optimism?

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Reports vary about the details of the latest talks, but there seems to be some optimism for an agreement. 

November 05, 2020

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Set to Enter Into Force

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
On January 22, 2021 the TPNW will enter into force. But will it matter?

October 30, 2020

India and the US Are Expanding Their Space Cooperation

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is a very specific subfield, but an increasingly important one for safeguarding space operations.

October 24, 2020

Chinese Misbehavior Increases Support for Taiwan 

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Beijing’s pressure on Taiwan and on other countries is generating greater sympathy and support for Taiwan.
October 16, 2020

Sino-Indian Competition in the Indian Ocean Region Intensifies

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
As competition intensifies in the Indian Ocean Region, India loses touch with Sri Lanka and solidifies relations with the Maldives.

October 08, 2020

India and France Partner for Expedition to Venus

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
India has long valued France's partnership on issues ranging from defense and space exploration to civil nuclear power generation.

October 02, 2020

Australia-Japan-India Trilateral Sets Sights on Supply Chain Resilience

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
China’s assertive behavior is the glue that holds the Australia-Japan-India trilateral together.

September 24, 2020

What Are India’s Plans for Directed Energy Weapons?

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
DEWs are yet to be deployed by any country's military, but are widely seen as a critical part of future warfare.

September 17, 2020

Rise of the Minilaterals: Examining the India-France-Australia Trilateral

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
The India-France-Australia trilateral is only the latest of the many minilaterals that are taking shape in the Indo-Pacific region.
September 10, 2020

Washington Watching as Beijing’s Space Power Grows

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
The latest U.S. Defense Department report on Chinese military power recounts Beijing’s growing space and counterspace capabilities.

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