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Rory Medcalf

Rory Medcalf directs the international security program at the Lowy Institute in Sydney and is also a non-resident Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution.

He is a former diplomat, intelligence analyst and journalist whose work covers a wide spectrum of strategic and geopolitical issues in Indo-Pacific Asia.

Follow him on twitter @Rory_Medcalf.

Posts by Rory Medcalf
June 04, 2013

Shangri-La Dialogue: Hints of Stormy Weather Ahead

Behind the surface politeness, the event had more than a few subtle reminders of deep schisms in the Asian security landscape.

June 02, 2013

Maritime Game-Changer Revealed at Shangri-La Dialogue

A few words from a Chinese military officer in Singapore makes clear the game has changed in Asian maritime security.

May 27, 2013

What Indians Think About China

The 2013 India Poll confirms that tensions exist, but it also contains some surprises.

May 07, 2013

Breaking Down Australia's Defense White Paper 2013

Australia has set out to define its military strategy — with China and the U.S. very much in mind. Rory Medcalf from the Lowy Institute gives us his take.

April 04, 2013

Australia's Julia Gillard: China Bound

As tensions mount in various hot spots throughout Asia, Australia’s PM pays China a visit.

March 25, 2013

Manila's South China Sea Gambit

The Philippines is seeking international arbitration under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

March 19, 2013

When India (Almost) Invaded Mauritius

The aborted 1983 mission illustrates that India’s ambitions and interests extend beyond the subcontinent.

March 13, 2013

A U.S. Naval Blockade of China?

“There’s another emerging theme…about how a U.S.-China conflict could unfold – a naval blockade.”

March 05, 2013

A Nuclear Pivot to Asia?

If America’s conventional superiority in Asia declines, then the relative importance of its nuclear edge will rise.

February 14, 2013

North Korea’s Nuclear Test: A Silver Lining?

North Korea’s third nuclear test could have some interesting geopolitical repercussions.

February 07, 2013

What To Make of India's Nuclear Forces

A submarine-launched ballistic missile test by India may have produced more questions than answers.

February 01, 2013

Australia's Security Challenge

A recent report only underscores why Australia has long been a tough place to understand when it comes to security.

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