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Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi is Editor-in-Chief at The Diplomat.

Her main focus is on China, and she writes on China’s foreign relations, domestic politics, and economy. Shannon previously served as a research associate at the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, where she hosted the weekly television show “China Forum.” She received her A.M. from Harvard University and her B.A. from The College of William and Mary. Shannon has also studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Posts by Shannon Tiezzi
May 26, 2023

Who Is Xie Feng, China’s New Ambassador to the US?

By Shannon Tiezzi
Unlike his predecessor, Xie has 30 years of experience handling U.S. issues. Can he help keep the fragile thaw going?

May 23, 2023

Despite Biden’s Absence, US Makes Inroads With Pacific Islands

By Nick Perry and Shannon Tiezzi
President Biden had to cancel his trip to the Pacific Island country, so Secretary of State Blinken oversaw the signing of new deals with Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, and Palau.
May 19, 2023

China’s Special Envoy Concludes Talks in Ukraine

By Shannon Tiezzi
China attempted to downplay expectations from its first serious attempt at mediation, emphasizing that “there is no panacea for defusing the crisis."

May 12, 2023

China, US Break Diplomatic Deadlock

By Shannon Tiezzi
A meeting between Jake Sullivan and Wang Yi is the highest-ranking exchange since the balloon crisis in February.

May 09, 2023

Michael Kugelman on the India-Pakistan Relationship

By Shannon Tiezzi
Pakistan wants a more stable relationship with India, but “that doesn’t mean it wants to pursue reconciliation.”

May 03, 2023

China’s Foreign Minister Meets Junta Leader in Myanmar

By Shannon Tiezzi
Qin Gang paid his first visit to Myanmar on May 2, during which he pledged to increase Chinese economic engagement with the military regime.
April 26, 2023

Xi Just Spoke With Zelenskyy. What Does This Mean for China’s Ukraine Approach?

By Shannon Tiezzi
China is finally taking concrete steps toward mediation, but its “pro-Russia neutrality” remains very much in evidence.

April 14, 2023

With DPP’s Candidate Pick, Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Race Begins

By Shannon Tiezzi
William Lai is already positioning the race as a referendum on China policy, while the KMT (and Beijing) are trying to emphasize economic issues.

April 01, 2023

Changhao Wei on the Role of China’s National People’s Congress

By Shannon Tiezzi
“The party undeniably has a larger-than-ever presence in the NPC’s work, most visibly in lawmaking… That has, in my view, contributed to a stronger NPC vis-à-vis other state institutions.”

March 28, 2023

Derek Chollet on How the US Is Handling the Myanmar Crisis

By Shannon Tiezzi
"We believe in ASEAN centrality when it comes to addressing the crisis in Myanmar, which is the most acute security crisis that Southeast Asia is facing right now."

March 22, 2023

China, Russia Recommit to Close Partnership in the Shadow of Ukraine War

By Shannon Tiezzi
Anyone seriously considering China playing a role as peacemaker in Ukraine needs to wrestle with its constant and overt declarations of “unswerving” partnership with Russia.
March 16, 2023

China Expresses ‘Grave Concern’ Over South Korea-US Military Drills

By Shannon Tiezzi
Beijing is throwing its weight behind Pyongyang’s claim that its missile tests are a necessary defensive response.

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