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StoriesAsia is a collective of independent journalists from Asia, who infuse art in their journalism to produce passionately told stories for the collective’s own platforms and its partner media outlets. The journalists at StoriesAsia care about people whose concerns remain under- or misrepresented in mainstream media, and their mantra is to put a human face to news which is otherwise faceless numbers and tragedies. StoriesAsia aims to pioneer the narrative nonfiction genre, particularly in visual media, but also work across platforms and formats.

Posts by StoriesAsia
November 11, 2019

India’s Updated Political Map Sparks Controversy in Nepal

By StoriesAsia
A new Indian political map has revived concerns in Kathmandu about Kalapani.

November 08, 2019

Why Are Nigerians Illicitly Landing In India’s Northeast From Bangladesh?

By StoriesAsia
Is the Bangladesh-India border a passage into India for Nigerians?
November 01, 2019

India’s Tribal People Fight to Save the Forests They Call Home

By StoriesAsia
The fate of Aarey weighs heavily on Maharashtra’s tribal people.

October 29, 2019

In the Indian Northeast, Old Traditions Meet New Tensions

By StoriesAsia
A tiny village in Meghalaya encapsulates India’s new intra-religious tensions.

October 29, 2019

Will Glenwright on the Future of Cricket in Nepal

By StoriesAsia
Is cricket in Nepal destined for greater heights?

October 29, 2019

The Indian Government Seeks to Firm Up Another Peace Agreement in Disturbed Nagaland

By StoriesAsia
Can this attempt succeed where others have not?
October 07, 2019

India’s Northeast Erupts in Protest Against Plan to Amend Citizenship Laws

By StoriesAsia
Controversy persists over the National Register of Citizens and its ensuing implementation.

October 01, 2019

India’s Newly Created Union Territory of Ladakh Looks to the Country’s Northeast For Lessons

By StoriesAsia
Ladakh’s new union territory status has led its leaders to seek examples from elsewhere in India.

September 28, 2019

Indian Software Giant Wipro in Hot Water Over Controversial NRC Implementation

By StoriesAsia
The Indian software giant finds itself facing legal action.

September 24, 2019

The Rise of Indie Music in India

By StoriesAsia
Independent Indian artists are sweeping the music industry.

September 17, 2019

Kashmir’s Shia Students Speak Out Against the Loss of State Autonomy

By Tapasya
Kashmir’s Shias feel a particular sense of vulnerability as minorities.
September 06, 2019

August 2019: What I Saw in Kashmir

By Tapasya
Kashmir cries out in anger and anguish as India’s crackdown remains in place.

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