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Sudha Ramachandran

Sudha Ramachandran

Sudha Ramachandran is South Asia editor at The Diplomat.

Sudha Ramachandran is a journalist based in Bengaluru, India. She writes on South Asian political and security issues and has closely followed developments in the region’s conflict zones. She is an adjunct faculty at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. Sudha has a doctoral degree from the School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

Posts by Sudha Ramachandran
April 08, 2024

Christophe Jaffrelot on What Makes Brand Modi Successful

By Sudha Ramachandran
“Like many populists, Modi is a chameleon -- this is his brand. Everyone can find in him what he or she is looking for.”

April 02, 2024

Modi’s Visit to Bhutan Amid Elections in India Raises Questions

By Sudha Ramachandran
His government appears apprehensive over a Bhutan-China deal that undermines Indian security.
March 12, 2024

S. D. Muni on India and its Neighborhood

By Sudha Ramachandran
“Sections of the Indian establishment have supported the restoration of the monarchy in Nepal because Indian diplomacy is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with a turbulent democracy.”

March 08, 2024

India’s Maritime Power Projection in the Southwest Indian Ocean Gets a Boost

By Sudha Ramachandran
An India-funded airstrip and jetty was inaugurated last week in Mauritius’ Agaléga island that will enhance its capacity to surveil and carry out military operations in the region.

February 28, 2024

A ‘Muslim’ Lion Cohabiting With a ‘Hindu’ Lioness Has Got the Goat of India’s Hindutva Activists

By Sudha Ramachandran
The VHP’s filing of a court case against a lioness being named Sita is part of its strategy to separate Hindus and Muslims in the imagination of Hindus.

February 20, 2024

Aqil Shah on Pakistani Elections and Beyond

By Sudha Ramachandran
“A coup may not be imminent, but it is fair to say that Pakistan is unlikely to come out of its enduring praetorian trap.”
February 14, 2024

Indian Farmers Are Back at Delhi’s Borders to Remind PM Modi of Unkept Promises

By Sudha Ramachandran
Although the BJP government is comfortably placed to win a third term in upcoming general elections, it will not want to lose the support of farmers, a powerful voting bloc.

February 01, 2024

Thousands of Indian Workers Recruited for Jobs in Israel

By Sudha Ramachandran
India will be seen as shoring up Israel’s economy and facilitating its economic exclusion of Palestinians.

January 15, 2024

Richard Eaton on the Desecration of Hindu Temples in India

By Sudha Ramachandran
Kings, irrespective of their religious faith, adopted “the highly selective method” of isolating "for desecration only those temples that were identified with enemy kings.”

January 09, 2024

India-Maldives War of Words on Social Media Triggers Diplomatic Row

By Sudha Ramachandran
Neither Modi nor Muizzu can absolve themselves of responsibility for the spat.

January 09, 2024

Rajeev Bhattacharyya on India’s Accord With ULFA

By Sudha Ramachandran
Although the anti-talks faction under Paresh Baruah is “severely weakened, it still has the capacity to carry out violent attacks.”
December 13, 2023

Major Security Breach in India’s Parliament

By Sudha Ramachandran
The intrusion by two men happened on the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 terror attack on Parliament.

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