September 20, 2019

After a China-Vietnam Standoff, Expect a Turn to the US

By Christopher Sharman
Coercive Chinese tactics to settle South China Sea disputes serve as a catalyst for enhanced Vietnam-U.S. security cooperation.

September 20, 2019

Beyond China's J-20 Stealth Fighter

By Rick Joe
Is a carrierborne FC-31 in the works? And what about Chinese 6th generation prospects?
September 19, 2019

China’s New Transport Ship Not a Game Changer in South China Sea

By Steven Stashwick
Sansha No.2 is civilian and relatively small compared to military logistics vessels.

September 19, 2019

China’s Growing “Green” Engagement in MENA

By Ossman Elnaggar
Across the region, China has made targeted and strategic investments in major renewable energy projects.

September 19, 2019

Chinese Bombers Conduct Air Strikes During Military Exercise in Russia

By Franz-Stefan Gady
Chinese military aircraft will practice an attack on ground targets during this year’s Central-19 strategic exercise in Western Russia.

September 19, 2019

High Noon in Hong Kong

By Hugh Bohane
Hong Kong continues to convulse and cry out, “Five demands! Not one less!”
September 18, 2019

Facing US Ban, Huawei Emerging as Stronger tech Competitor

By Joe McDonald
Huawei Technologies Ltd. is the No. 2 smartphone brand worldwide.

September 17, 2019

From Tiananmen to Hong Kong: An Evolution of Protesting in China

By Travis Sanderson
The main differences boil down to experiences of freedom, realism, and technology.

September 17, 2019

China's Non-state Universities: What It Takes to Succeed

By Olivia A. Halsall
What happens when a local Chinese tycoon establishes a non-state university with private funds?

September 17, 2019

China Sends Strategic Bombers, Tanks and 1,600 Troops to Russia for Large Military Drill

By Franz-Stefan Gady
China, Russia and six other countries are conducting a 5-day military exercise in western Russia and the Central Asian region.

September 17, 2019

The NBA’s Popularity in China Seems Endless

By Tim Reynolds
Basketball wasn't a big deal in China. And then everything changed.
September 15, 2019

Why China's Military Wants to Control These 2 Waterways in East Asia

By Franz-Stefan Gady
The Bashi Channel and Miyako Strait constitute critical chokepoints for Chinese military operations both along and beyond the so-called first island chain.

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