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Dear Santa : Wishlist Item Two

I spoke about this film a few months ago, and have finally had the opportunity to see it. The Cove, a documentary that reveals the truth behind the highly-guarded dolphin hunting industry in Japan, was even better than I imagined, despite the countle

Dear Santa: A Wish List Item

On Sunday I celebrated Hanukkah for the first time–mostly by eating too many hot-off-the-grill homemade latkas. My point is that these days, I don’t tend to adhere to any one particular holiday’s customs. And so with Christmas fast approaching, I’m

Wine Superpower?

There’s no question that all things China-related are big news these days — I notice it more and more each day, particularly in the political realm, with the mounting speculation that it’s poised to become the next superpower. So I suppose that it s

Great Wall Wine

Great Wall Wine

As promised, here’s more on the Chinese-produced Great Wall wine that Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao had served to them at the visiting American’s state dinner. It turns out that the wine is produced by the China Great Wall Wine Company Ltd.,

The 'New Wine' from Down Under

Although Australian, and more recently New Zealand, wines have been internationally renowned for some time now, there’s another liquid being produced in the Pacific region that seems to be making major waves in gourmet circles these days.  I rea

Kiwi Wine Sweetheart - still Sauvignon Blanc

Speaking of island wines yesterday, at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition last month, judging panel chair Luciana Lynch singled out New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as one of the classiest and best quality wines in the world.&nbsp

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