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August 28, 2019

Nearly 3 Years Later, Nepal Contends With the Consequences of Indian Demonetization

By Sumesh Shiwakoty
What’s going on with the demonetized Indian currency sitting in Nepal?

August 09, 2019

Cleaning Kathmandu’s Air: Are Electric Vehicles the Answer?

By Arun Budhathoki
Can electric vehicles fix Kathmandu’s air pollution?
May 26, 2019

Nepal’s Proposed Media Bill Is a Press Freedom Killer

By Arun Budhathoki
Nepal’s government has put the fourth estate in its crosshairs.

April 27, 2019

Nepal’s Space Program Aims to Break Geopolitical Barriers

By Arun Budhathoki
Nepal aims to launch its first commercial satellite, a high-performance C and Ku Band satellite, by 2022.

April 02, 2019

Rescuers Struggle to Reach Storm-Struck Area in Nepal as Death Toll Climbs

By Upendra Man Singh
A powerful rainstorm in Nepal has killed at least 28 people.

March 22, 2019

Nepal and the Lurch Toward Digital Authoritarianism

By Arun Budhathoki
Nepal risks falling prey to digital authoritarianism.
December 11, 2018

The Asia-Pacific Summit 2018 and Civic Dissent in Nepal

By Arun Budhathoki
Nepal’s communist government grapples with civic dissent.

November 07, 2018

Nepal’s Emergence as a Cricketing Nation: Challenges Ahead

By Arun Budhathoki
Nepal marches ahead as a cricketing nation, but challenges remain.

October 10, 2018

Nepal Looks to a Porn Ban to Stem Violence Against Women

By Arun Budhathoki
The solution in Nepal fails to address the underlying problems.

September 10, 2018

Nepal’s Communist Government Tightens Its Grip on Civil Society

By Arun Budhathoki
A new set of draconian laws is setting Nepal on a troubling trajectory.

August 13, 2018

Nepal's #RageAgainstRape Movement Sparks Hope

By Arun Budhathoki
One group is fighting the incidence of rape in Nepal.
December 27, 2017

China’s Moment in Nepal: Implications for India

By Harsh V. Pant
Even as Nepal's new leaders appear to pursue closer ties with Beijing, not all is lost for New Delhi.

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