North Korean Culture

The Art of ‘Pyongyangology?’

The Art of ‘Pyongyangology?’

The study of North Korean propaganda may provide more insight into the nation.

A North Korea Expo Exclusive

A North Korea Expo Exclusive

One mysterious event done and another big one on its way- the DPRK has been kept busy.

North Korea’s Twitter Tactics

Has the DPRK enlisted Twitter in a propaganda war against its international enemies?

Vice in North Korea

Media group’s guide to one of ‘the planet’s most dangerous and weird destinations.’

Hamburgers à la Kim

Hamburgers à la Kim

The Dear Leader’s former chef reveals some sinful food choices.

What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?
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What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?

DPRK Art Flash!

A few months ago, I touched on the topic of art in North Korea and more recently also got in touch with Gabriella Coslovich at The Age, who reported (‘North Korean artists not welcome, their ‘propaganda’ is’) on the subject after attending the <a hr

When Art 'Thrills': Notes from a gallery down under

6th Triennial visitors take in the work of Japanese sculptor Kohei Nawa.Highlighting the work of over 100 artists from 25 countries to ‘reflect the diversity of practices across Asia, the Pacific and Australia,’ the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Cont

Big in Korea? No, says Obama Foodorama

One of the most engaging food-politics fusion blogs I’ve come across (and I’m definitely not the only one who has taken notice) is Obama Foodorama, edited by Eddie Gehman Kohan. A web journal that manages, in a very readable way, to record any link b

Peeking at DPRK Art

Expanding on my post earlier on North Korean art and its ‘cultural renaissance under Kim Jong-Il,’ -there also appears to be growing interest in DPRK art worldwide.  This summer a private collection of North Korean paintings was unveiled to

Exhibit Bonds China & Taiwan - North Korea Not Yet in the Game

A new exhibition at Taipei’s National Palace Museum has optimists talking progress over Taiwan-China relations. Last year, China surpassed the US to become Taiwan’s second largest importer. But this major art collaboration goes beyond the merely prac

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