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Zhu Wei, on Art & China

What are the consequences of art in China taking a backseat to economic progress and Western influence?

Thai Art in Bangkok

Thai Art in Bangkok

In Bangkok, one of Thailand’s top art universities is one of the best places to find home-grown talent.

Modern Art & Culture in Bangkok

Thailand’s capital offers many convenient spots for visitors wanting to get a feel for its vibrant arts and culture scene.

A Whole Lot of Art in Bangkok

There are plenty of art spots to explore in Bangkok, but the centrally located Silom Galleria is a perfect place to start.

Earthquake & Tsunami Art Relief

Gallerists and museums around the world come up with creative ways to help the victims of the Japan disaster.

What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?
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What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?

Tokyo: Searching for Comfort

Tokyo is still reeling from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Art can help people in the healing process.

Art and Automobiles

Tomohiro Todoroki is an inspirational Japanese artist who uses unconventional events as vehicles for his art.

In Need of Sensuality and Hype?

In Need of Sensuality and Hype?

Japan’s ‘soft and cute’ contemporary art scene could do with some more political and sexual flair.

Five Art Universities at NACT

Five Art Universities at NACT

Works by over 400 artists from 5 Japanese art schools have come together at one Tokyo art museum.

In Search of New Japanese Artists

In Search of New Japanese Artists

Art is a reflection of society. Does a lack of emerging talent from top art schools reflect a passionless Japan?

One Job, Two Settings

In Japan students and artists alike find it difficult to deviate from the norm. Both art and a sense of community can help.

Let The Art Talk

One of the worst things gallery staff can do is talk excessively. It’s key to let viewers and art connect in silence.

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