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Boyd says the botched Bangkok bombing would have proved disappointing, but argues that the Iranians had also proved they had access to C4 from either military sources or a supplier with supplies of stolen C4 and “with those type of resources an experienced member could do a lot of damage.”

He says the Delhi and Tbilisi bombs were useless in terms of hitting their objective, but had confirmed widespread views in the West that Iran is a sponsor of terrorism, justifying further actions against Iran either through further sanctions or direct military action.

That in itself is a tragedy for the vast majority of Iranians who are as educated and as erudite as any, are neither terrorists nor state-employed and opposed to their government’s policies, which have ensured their country will continue to languish near the bottom of the heap in terms of international standing.

In Thailand, and for much of Southeast Asia, terrorism is being redefined from the JI and al-Qaeda dictates of hard-line Islamic designs over sovereign interests that underpinned attacks around the world alongside separatist rebellions like those in the Southern Philippines and Indonesia.

These were complex but comprehensible – if horribly immoral – strategies.

Loveard says the low casualty count of the Valentine’s Day blasts reflected the fact that current levels of expertise were low, and as a result much of East Asia was likely experiencing a lull in terrorist activities but by no means did this signal “the end of radical Islamist terrorism in Southeast Asia.''

By accident or design, the parameters are evolving.

Of course, Israel has rarely flinched when leaping over sovereign borders to pursue its own security interests and Hezbollah may have now signaled it will follow suit. That attitude will increasingly put innocent civilians and nations, like Thailand, in the firing line.

Ultimately, analysts see more strikes aimed at civilians, not unlike the 2008 Mumbai attack that left 257 dead and another 700 wounded. However, such strikes will be increasingly based around far-flung reasons with little local relevance, such as with Iran’s nuclear program and its ties with Hezbollah.

Boyd predicts more Mumbai-style attacks in Asia, and says Sabah in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are obvious staging grounds.

“The future trend is Asia,” he says. “This is becoming the global economic power and the United States and other coalition forces are winding down in the Middle East. Asia will start to see foreign insurgents from the Middle East come in to conduct their operations.”

“Now the fight will start to creep into this part of the world.”

August 13, 2012 at 12:08

[...] Mumbai , The Philipines, Malaysia [additional][more][even more], Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand [AlQaida in Thailand], but the core of these organizations, organizationally and ideologically, as well as [...]

March 13, 2012 at 17:26

The Key words here is ” ALLEGED IRANIAN ATTACK!!!” Which everyone seems to not understand due to the Western/Zionist media manipulation!!!

Nick Nolan
February 24, 2012 at 20:34

There is no need for emotionally heavy sarcasm.

Iran is rational actor (see link below). They use the language very different way from western countries, so it is easy to paint them as crazy. In reality they are just as cunning and cynical as we Americans or our friends Israelis. Most importantly, they are not suicidal. We fight for resources and influence. Iran uses Israel as enemy only as means to get influence among Sunni Arabs and to get under the skin of America. There is no real conflict of interest between Iran and Israel the two countries apart from the history where Israel supported Iranian dictator.


February 24, 2012 at 14:13

So it seems that the default explanation for the New Delhi bombings is that it was Iran? The investigators there have not found anything so far but the modus operandi for Tiblisi and Thailand and New Delhi are not similar beyond the superficial. In New Delhi, the attack was quick and sophisticated, in Thailand, it was incompetent and botched, and then in Tiblisi the attack was again sloppy.

February 24, 2012 at 03:32

Yes, poor Iran, with abundant oil reserves, huge land mass rich with other natural resources, and a highly educated and industrious population of 80 million people is being brutally controlled by those evil Israelis who have less than 10% of the population and about 12% as much land with no oil and no real resources.

Of course Iran is striking out any place it can, because they haven’t finished their nuclear weapon, which they plan to use only for peaceful purposes and to protect their homeland from evil Israeli invasion. Of course the Iranians need an atomic weapon, because Israel is sending all their 750,000 troops to invade Iran, which only has 3,833,000 troops and a 5-to-1 advantage is just not big enough to protect them.

Nick Nolan
February 23, 2012 at 21:05

Israel and Iran are engaging in terrorism to fight each other. Israeli kills Iranian scientists and Iran responds where it can.

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