Eyes on Ball, Not Navels


The news today that Malaysian authorities have seized more than 15,000 bibles in recent months again highlights some of the simmering religious tensions in the country, with many from minority faiths arguing the government is pandering to the Muslim majority.

There’s a nice piece here by Bloomberg columnist William Pesek on why the Malaysian government needs to keep its eye on the ball, not on the navel (Beyonce’s to be specific-she’s called off another concert there over complaints her show is too raunchy).

As he notes:

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‘The plight of this particular pop star won’t be affected. She’ll make millions performing somewhere else. You won’t find many Beyonce CDs in my collection. And folks are free to object to her bellybutton shaking before their eyes on moral grounds. Too bad there isn’t similar, if not more, outrage over the real problems facing Malaysia.’

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