Goodbye (and Hello)


Well, as educational and informative as it has been for me (and I hope at least some of our readers) to try and cover the whole of the Asia-Pacific area in one blog, it's time for me to move on to something a little different, so this will be my last entry for APAC Insider.

As part of the redesign for The Diplomat, which goes live next week, we'll be having dedicated India, China and Japan blogs, and will be keeping on our culture blog, New Emissary. We felt that to do justice to all the remarkable changes going on in these three Asian giants, that they really needed their own voice (and in the case of the Indian blog, several voices).

As the site develops, we certainly plan to add to our roster of blogs, but in the meantime we have a growing network of correspondents around the region who will be keeping us abreast of developments outside of the three country blogs. And I also hope you'll join me as I take over our China blog and we consider, among other issues, the one raised by Minxin Pei in one our most popular features so far–is China a superpower?

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