Twist & Shout in Thailand... with some Japanese Robots


Although I still can’t figure out the reasoning behind the name, ‘Twist and Shout‘ is a neat collection of contemporary art from Japan, now at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Thailand through January.

The Japan Foundation has collaborated with the centre to present the work of 17 contemporary Japanese artists, wrapping up Mekong-Japan Exchange year 2009 (this came as news to me!)

According to the curators of the show, ‘Twist and Shout’ is a major survey of an art subculture present in Japanese art today that reflects aspects of contemporary Japanese society and ‘the psyche’ of its people. This can be seen in a variety of forms including paintings, installations, video art, sculpture, photography–and apparently, a six-foot-tall robot and its entourage of 40 mini-robots.

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