Indian Decade

Obama’s India Honeymoon Over

Just two years after he was elected, Indians are starting to feel a little disappointed with Barack Obama.

Even though it's only a few days before US President Barack Obama arrives here in India for a tour of Delhi and Mumbai, people who know me have already commented how surprised they are that I'm not all that excited.

All the way through his campaign and election as president, I was an Obama junkie, devouring all the speeches on his fantastic election website and watching others on Youtube. On the day the results were declared, and then later when he took the oath of office, I stayed up through the night here in Delhi to watch him address the nation. I admit I was swept up remotely into a frenzy of hope and excitement.

But just two years on and that emotional connection has all but vanished. And I know I'm far from the only one in India who feels like this. Popular TV journalist Barkha Dutt wrote what many of us were thinking in a fantastic column last week when she talked about the disillusionment many in India feel.

She touched on a number of issues, including Obama's decision not to visit  Amritsar's Golden Temple (supposedly because of scheduling issues, but many US pundits speculate it was because he didn't want to be photographed wearing a headscarf).

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The frustration here with Obama might not always be justified, but that doesn't make it less real.