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Japan Tsunami Aftermath Video

Ulara Nakagawa shares footage of one of the worst-hit areas from last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

In my last update, I mentioned I was spending the night up in Yamagata en route to the tsunami-stricken area of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. I was travelling with an animal rescue team that is part of the coalition Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. We made it up there the next day. I'll have more detailed accounts of what we saw there a little later, but I wanted to share with readers some footage that we took.

I shot this short video in the late afternoon of March 15 in Sendai. We'd been listening for word on animals that had survived the destruction and received a tip that two dogs had been spotted alive in the area of Natori, on the coast. We drove there to investigate.

This was one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami that struck Japan last Friday, following the massive 9.0 earthquake off the north-eastern coast of the country. It's been estimated that the wave was 10 metres (33 feet) high. 

I'll have more for you soon.