Pan Wei in the Hotseat
Image Credit: Copenhagen Business School

Pan Wei in the Hotseat


Next Monday, I’m going to be interviewing one of China’s fiercest intellectual opponents of democracy for the Lowy Interpreter. The interview will be posted here on China Power as well. Readers are invited to send in questions for Prof. Pan Wei by e-mailing [email protected]

Peking University’s notorious Pan Wei first made waves with a 2003 article that laid out a road map for China to retain one-party rule in the indefinite future, arguing for a Singapore-like path that would focus on establishing the rule of law and honest government, without democratic reform.

As Chinese thinkers have grown more confident – and, following the financial crisis, more sceptical of Western models – interest has grown in the search for a homegrown ‘China model’ for political and economic development. Pan, a leading member of the ‘New Left,’ has most recently argued for a revival of traditional Communist values and Maoist political methods, provocatively calling for an end to the reform and opening period that has defined Chinese politics since Deng Xiaoping.

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