Here Come the Missile Carriers

Could aircraft carriers be eclipsed by new technology? We breakdown the top defense and foreign policy articles for your weekend.

Every Friday, The Diplomat’s Harry Kazianis looks out across the net to find the best articles and analysis involving defense, strategic affairs, and foreign policy. From America’s pivot to Asia, China’s growing military power, important defense trends, to the various territorial spats across the region, The Diplomat has you covered with what you need to know going into the weekend.

Here is our top five this Friday. Have we missed something you think should be included? Want to share an important article with other readers? Please submit your links in the comment box below! Happy Friday!


The Rise of The Missile Carriers (USNI Proceedings Magazine): “More than two decades into the missile age a new breed of weapons has emerged that will greatly change the way we fight. Just as technology caused the battleship to be eclipsed by the aircraft carrier, soon the aircraft carrier will be eclipsed by the missile carrier. This is not to say the aircraft carrier will not exist in the future, but it won’t retain the central position in power projection it holds today.”


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Fact-Finding in Syria: How To Gather Intelligence in a Warzone (Foreign Affairs) – “The Obama administration is still looking for hard evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons in Syria. Although finding it is easier said than done, it is possible. The really important question is how the government will use evidence after it is collected.”


Gunman Kill Top Pakistani Prosecutor in Musharraf Case: (Washington Post) – “Daytime assassination comes amid rise in political violence before May 11 national election.”


The Irony of American Strategy: Putting the Middle East in Proper Perspective (Foreign Affairs, paywall) – “A decade ago, when the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began, the United States chose to immerse itself in the greater Middle East when it had little reason to dive in. But now that most Americans want little to do with the region, U.S. officials are finding it difficult to turn away.


A Sino-Japanese Clash in The East China Sea (CFR) – “Sheila A. Smith argues that tensions between Japan and China over disputed islands in the East China Sea could seriously harm U.S. interests. She discusses steps the United States could take to de-escalate the crisis.”