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Can Apple Conquer China With iOS7?

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Can Apple Conquer China With iOS7?

Plus Ai Weiwei says that U.S. is behaving like China with domestic spying operations. Wednesday China links.

Some Wednesday China’s links:

South China Morning Post reports that Apple’s iOS7 will be better integrated with popular Chinese websites, and will finally include Sina Weibo. This leads the newspaper to predict that the new operating system will help Apple conquer a larger share of China’s mobile market. Perhaps, but this doesn’t solve the issue of the high cost of Apple’s products nor the angst the company apparently creates among the senior Chinese leadership.

As former Railway Minister Liu Zhijun prepares for sentencing, Caixin looks back at its investigative reporting on the high-speed railway system and the corruption surrounding it. Final conclusion: it was worth the trouble.

Meanwhile Tea Leaf Nation’s Liz Carter highlights a witty Weibo post, which reads: “Warmly congratulate Liu Zhijun on being the 1st top official to disclose assets.”

Over at the UK Guardian, the West’s favorite Chinese dissent Ai Weiwei opines that the U.S. is behaving like China with surveillance operation like the recently leaked PRISM program. At least as peculiar, Ai Weiwei also fears that America’s domestic spying operations will embolden the Chinese government to expand its own.

China Whisper profiles the nine most powerful women in China of 2013.

Wu Zhenglong, a research fellow at the China Foundation for International Studies, argues on U.S.-China Focus that the U.S. needs to rethink its Japan policy. According to Wu, Japan’s policy makes it appear like “Japan [is] paying lip service to US objectives, but in all reality Abe’s government is exploiting its US backing in order to serve the Japan’s strategic interests.”

For what it’s worth, Japan’s former Defense Minister, Satoshi Morimoto, recently told Foreign Policy’s Isaac Stone Fish that Japan faces “a very serious Chinese military threat.”

China File has a discussion up on how to advance human rights in China.

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