South Korea Eyes F-35 Fighter Jets

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South Korea Eyes F-35 Fighter Jets

Plus, can the U.S. build an effective Pacific strategy for the 21st Century? Thursday defense links.

Some defense and security links:

According to Reuters, “South Korea is nearing a decision to buy some Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets, but will likely keep its options open for a limited purchase of Boeing Co's F-15.”

Meanwhile, The Hill reports that the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy may have to forgo purchasing 4-5 F-35s in 2014 as a result of sequestration.

Second Line of Defense has a symposium on whether the U.S. can build an effective Pacific Strategy for the 21st Century.

Dustin Walker of Real Clear Defense reports on the new Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations (CSCMO) at West Point, which aims to preserve the lessons the U.S. military learned during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forget the V-22 Osprey; Defense One examines the V-280, the next generation tilt-rotor hybrid aircraft.

Also on Defense One, Adm. Jonathan Greenert discusses how the U.S. can maintain its undersea advantage in the future.

Over at The Strategist, a number of posts explore whether Australia should view Indonesia as merely a buffer state.

An article in Small Wars Journal looks at the role of professional military education in the modern PLA.