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A Day in Kashmir’s Epicenter of Resistance

Scenes from the Soura area of Srinagar, Kashmir’s epicenter of resistance.

Friday, August 30 marked 25 days since the Indian government unilaterally decided to revoke the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. For residents of Srinagar’s Soura area, the epicenter of resistance, it was the worst day yet.

As part of a StoriesAsia team of journalists, I used my cellphone camera to capture what it was like, emotionally and spiritually, for the local residents, mostly Muslims, to protest despite facing pellet guns, tear gas and chili grenades.

The initially peaceful protest turned violent after Indian security personnel began shelling the protesters. Boys and men responded by pelting the security personnel with stones. Women publicly cried and prayed to God for protection, and beat metal objects with sticks or bare hands to mark their protests. Some elderly women gathered stones for the boys and men to throw.

The video shows some scenes shot from the side of Kashmiri protesters, as security personnel fired from behind a barricade installed by local residents.