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Of Film and Adventure in Mainland Southeast Asia

A conversation with travel writer, journalist, and Hollywood filmmaker Nick Ray

Of Film and Adventure in Mainland Southeast Asia

A photo of Nick Ray.

Credit: Luke Hunt

Travel writer and film producer Nick Ray has had a wide range of roles during his career in Southeast Asia focused on mainland Southeast Asia. He has written the best-selling Lonely Planet Cambodia guidebook for more than 20 years, as well as contributing to other country guides on Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, along with Indonesia, Uganda and Zambia as well. In recent years, he has also left his mark in film and Hollywood through his family company Hanuman Films.

Ray speaks with Luke Hunt about his work on films, including Tomb Raider with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and the award-winning Cambodian film The Last Reel which he produced. He also offers some more off the beaten track destination ideas for adventure travelers.

Luke Hunt can be followed on Twitter @lukeanthonyhunt