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From Phnom Penh With Love

A conversation with author, journalist and television producer Glen Felgate.

From Phnom Penh With Love
Credit: Courtesy of Glen Felgate

British journalist and television producer Glen Felgate has just published his first book, “From Phnom Penh with Love; Confessions of a Media Executive,” a fictional tale of a war correspondent hired by a Cambodian businessman to launch a radio station from scratch.

The story bears a striking resemblance to Felgate’s own life.

As a war correspondent and producer with Reuters he covered conflicts in the Balkans and Africa before moving to Cambodia where he was hired to launch a television network, from scratch.

Felgate spoke with The Diplomat’s Luke Hunt about the radical changes in an ever-evolving media industry, life on the road as a war correspondent with Reuters, and his almost completed memoirs.

“From Phnom Penh with Love” – available on Amazon – is an entertaining read that captures the absolute “can do anything” attitude that dominated the Cambodian business scene in the decade following the end of a 30-year war in 1998.

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