What’s Next for India’s Congress Party?

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What’s Next for India’s Congress Party?

Nistula Hebbar, Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr., and Gilles Verniers discuss the leadership election and the prospects for India’s main opposition party.

On October 17, members of the Indian National Congress will choose a new leader, with results coming on October 19. The hope among supporters is that resolving the leadership question – and ending the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty – will inject new vigor into India’s moribund opposition, which has weathered a series of defeats since losing power to the BJP in 2014.

How has the Congress party’s leadership crisis impacted its electoral performance? Will a new leader make a difference for the storied party? And how is the rest of India’s opposition faring amid the Congress’ struggles?

In this webinar, recorded on October 12, 2022, experts discuss the future of the Congress and India’s opposition more broadly.

Featuring Nistula Hebbar, the Political Editor of The Hindu; Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr., a freelance journalist and political commentator based in Delhi; and Dr. Gilles Verniers, assistant professor of Political Science at Ashoka University and co-director of the Trivedi Centre for Political Data.