What’s Next for Bhutan After Its Election

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What’s Next for Bhutan After Its Election

Tenzing Lamsang, editor of The Bhutanese, discusses why voters chose the PDP and what the new government has planned, particularly for Bhutan’s ailing economy.

January 9 marked the second and final round of voting in Bhutan’s National Assembly election. The People’s Democratic Party came out on top, securing 30 out of 47 seats, with the new Bhutan Tendrel Party winning the other 17. What were the main issues in the voting, and what can we expect from Bhutan’s next government?

In this video recorded on January 12, The Diplomat’s Shannon Tiezzi spoke to Tenzing Lamsang, the editor of The Bhutanese, to talk about Bhutan’s election and whether the PDP can perform where voters demand it most: on the economy.