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Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi is Editor-in-Chief at The Diplomat.

Her main focus is on China, and she writes on China’s foreign relations, domestic politics, and economy. Shannon previously served as a research associate at the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, where she hosted the weekly television show “China Forum.” She received her A.M. from Harvard University and her B.A. from The College of William and Mary. Shannon has also studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Posts by Shannon Tiezzi
January 11, 2023

What Was Behind the Chinese Foreign Minister’s Midnight Stopover in Bangladesh?

By Shannon Tiezzi
Ahead of his planned tour of African countries, Qin Gang made a surprise stop in Dhaka.

January 03, 2023

Frank Dikotter on How China Changed (and Didn’t) After Mao

By Shannon Tiezzi
“Since 1976, changes have been introduced to a rigidly collectivized economy in order to build up socialism, not to abandon it.”
December 26, 2022

Asia-Pacific in 2022: The Year in Review

By Catherine Putz, Sudha Ramachandran, Sebastian Strangio, and Shannon Tiezzi
Join us for a recap of the major events of 2022 within Northeast, Southeast, South, and Central Asia, featuring The Diplomat's editors.

December 19, 2022

Are US Allies Falling out of ‘Alignment’ on China?

By Shannon Tiezzi
The Biden administration trumpets its efforts to build consensus on China policy through consultation. Recent legislation challenged that. 

December 07, 2022

China’s Xi Heads to Saudi Arabia to Boost Beijing’s Influence in the Middle East

By Shannon Tiezzi
Xi Jinping will attend the first China-Arab States summit as both sides see an opportunity to advance relations. 

November 29, 2022

The Real Importance of China’s ‘Zero COVID’ Protests

By Shannon Tiezzi
“In China, everyone is one step from becoming a dissident” – and zero COVID has pushed many to make that final step.
November 22, 2022

Andrew Small on the Origins of ‘China’s War With the West’

By Shannon Tiezzi
Small traces the downward trajectory of China’s relationships with the United States and EU countries.

November 18, 2022

Xi Jinping’s Many G-20 Summits

By Shannon Tiezzi
Amid the rapid clip of bilateral meetings, who Xi didn’t meet with was perhaps a better question than who he did.

November 17, 2022

Don’t Overlook Xi Jinping’s Meeting With Senegal’s President

By Shannon Tiezzi
The summit on the sidelines of the G-20 drove home the convergence of interests between China and the African Union.

November 05, 2022

China Celebrates German Chancellor’s Trip

By Shannon Tiezzi
There were few deliverables from the short visit, but Beijing is hopeful it indicates Germany is moving out of alignment with the U.S. approach to China.

November 01, 2022

Blinken, Wang Have First China-US Talks Since 20th Party Congress

By Shannon Tiezzi
The Chinese foreign minister stressed to his U.S. counterpart that Washington should not expect Beijing to change course.
October 24, 2022

5 Takeaways From China’s Big Leadership Announcement

By Shannon Tiezzi
The 20th Party Congress has closed, with Xi Jinping's grip on power even tighter than expected.

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