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Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi

Shannon Tiezzi is Editor-in-Chief at The Diplomat.

Her main focus is on China, and she writes on China’s foreign relations, domestic politics, and economy. Shannon previously served as a research associate at the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, where she hosted the weekly television show “China Forum.” She received her A.M. from Harvard University and her B.A. from The College of William and Mary. Shannon has also studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Posts by Shannon Tiezzi
November 17, 2021

Biden, Xi Emphasize Conflict Management at First Virtual Summit

By Shannon Tiezzi
China-U.S. differences were on display, but both leaders also expressed a commitment to keeping tensions from erupting into conflict.

November 13, 2021

Honduras’ President Is in Taiwan for a Surprise State Visit

By Shannon Tiezzi
Taiwan, afraid of losing yet another ally, is eager to shore up support ahead of Honduras’ election.
November 11, 2021

China Snubs India, Backs Pakistan in Dueling Afghanistan Meetings

By Shannon Tiezzi
China bowed out of security talks on Afghan in New Delhi, but will join a similar meeting in Pakistan held the next day.

November 10, 2021

COVID-19 Complicates China’s ‘Football Dream’

By Shannon Tiezzi
China’s men’s national team has remained firmly stuck in the lower echelons of international football, as evidenced by its current long-shot quest to reach the World Cup.

November 03, 2021

Chinese Tennis Star Accuses Former Top Official of Sexual Assault

By Shannon Tiezzi
Peng Shuai's post broke new ground for the #MeToo movement in China: directly implicating a high-ranking CCP official.

November 01, 2021

Li Shuo on China-US Climate Diplomacy

By Shannon Tiezzi
“The climate crisis won't just go away if Beijing or Washington shut communication channels.”
October 29, 2021

China’s Foreign Minister Tries Again to Win Europe Back

By Shannon Tiezzi
China’s foreign minister is limiting his European tour to friendlier ground, in hopes of halting a downward slide in China-Europe relations.

October 13, 2021

Darren Byler on Life in Xinjiang, ‘China’s High-Tech Penal Colony’

By Shannon Tiezzi
“The mass surveillance and internment project in Xinjiang should be viewed as a major test of Chinese capacities to conduct a sophisticated invasion, occupation, and transformation of spaces that were at the margins of Chinese control.”

October 07, 2021

China-US Meeting in Zurich Paves the Way for a Biden-Xi Virtual Summit

By Shannon Tiezzi
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's meeting with Yang Jiechi, China's top foreign policy official, was noticeably milder than their first talks.

October 05, 2021

Wendy Cutler on China, Taiwan, and the CPTPP

By Shannon Tiezzi
China and Taiwan have each applied for membership in the trade pact. What are the next steps – and the broader implications?

October 05, 2021

Biden’s US Trade Representative Outlines Approach to China

By Shannon Tiezzi
Katherine Tai's speech at CSIS was the first major policy address on the China-U.S. economic relationship, but it remained frustratingly short on details.
September 23, 2021

Taiwan Applies for CPTPP Membership

By Shannon Tiezzi
Taiwan is a natural fit for the CPTPP in economic terms, but its bid will likely face intense opposition from China.

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