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Brian Wong

Brian Wong

Brian Wong is a Rhodes Scholar from Hong Kong (2020) and DPhil in Politics Candidate at Balliol College, Oxford.

They are the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Political Review; Founding Secretary of Citizen Action Design Lab, Founding Fellow of Governance Partners Yangon, and write regularly for The Diplomat Magazine, TIME, the South China Morning Post, and other academic and media publications. They can be followed on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Posts by Brian Wong
September 12, 2020

China’s Two-Pronged Diplomacy

By Brian Wong
A charm offensive or wolf warrior diplomacy? Both, actually, are a key part of China's diplomatic strategy.

August 14, 2020

Hong Kong Is the First Casualty of the New Cold War

By Brian Wong
Hong Kong – the first battleground where East meets West – has already been drastically changed.
July 10, 2020

Beijing’s Plan for a Post-National Security Law Hong Kong

By Brian Wong
Beijing will be hoping to address Hong Kong's socioeconomic issues while keeping a tight leash on political changes.

June 01, 2020

What Trump’s Latest Moves on Hong Kong Really Mean for the City

By Brian Wong
Withdrawing Hong Kong's special status under U.S. law will hurt the city itself far more than it will hurt China.

May 26, 2020

How Chinese Nationalism Is Changing

By Brian Wong
Chinese nationalism used to be aimed at both domestic and foreign audiences. Not anymore.

April 10, 2020

Hong Kong’s Protests Amid COVID-19: A Dying Movement or a Halted War?

By Brian Wong
The seeming peace in Hong Kong reflects a gathering storm on the horizon – a storm Hong Kong and Beijing alike must address.
March 25, 2020

China’s Mask Diplomacy

By Brian Wong
By shipping medical supplies to European countries, China is seeking to boost its image as a responsible global leader.

February 27, 2020

Democracy in Crisis: Where Does Malaysia Go From Here?

By Brian Wong
Only a general election can rescue Malaysia’s democracy, but not its stability.

January 01, 2020

Hong Kong’s Looming 2047 Question

By Brian Wong
The protests that began in 2019 are actually centered on a date nearly 30 years into the future.

November 27, 2019

How Hong Kong’s District Council Elections Offer a Way out of the Political Crisis

By Brian Wong
The District Council elections provide both the mandate and opportunity to come to a compromise.

October 18, 2019

Can Beijing and Hong Kong Rejuvenate ‘One Country, Two Systems’?

By Brian Wong
The "one country, two systems" principle has structural limitations that merit addressing.
September 06, 2019

Why the Mutually Assured Destruction Rhetoric in Hong Kong Is Dangerous

By Brian Wong
To pull Hong Kong back from the edge, all potentially influential parties must act – with strategic savvy.

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