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Carl Thayer

Carl Thayer

Carl Thayer is Emeritus Professor at The University of New South Wales and Director of Thayer Consultancy.

He is a Southeast Asia regional specialist who taught at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Australian Command and Staff College, and Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Australian Defence College.

Posts by Carl Thayer
January 15, 2024

Is Vietnam Entering Uncharted Waters?

By Carl Thayer
The recent prolonged absence of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong raised the question of how the Communist Party might deal with a leader's incapacitation or death.

March 13, 2023

Mythbusting Vietnam’s Recent Leadership Change

By Carl Thayer
Four major assumptions commonly made by analysts need to be challenged.
April 27, 2022

Is Vietnam Going to Hold a Military Exercise With Russia?

By Carl Thayer
Russian media say that Russian and Vietnamese officers held a meeting to discuss military drills – which would be a controversial move amid Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

July 12, 2021

Who Decided the Philippines Versus China Case?

By Carl Thayer
Was it the Arbitral Tribunal or the Permanent Court of Arbitration?

July 27, 2020

Australia Abandons Its Neutrality on the South China Sea Maritime Disputes

By Carl Thayer
Australia has aligned itself with the United States in supporting UNCLOS and the 2016 Arbitral Tribunal ruling.

May 06, 2020

Will Vietnam Lease Cam Ranh Bay to the United States?

By Carl Thayer
Is there any meat to the rumors that Vietnam would lease Cam Ranh Bay to the United States?
May 04, 2020

Did Vietnamese Hackers Target the Chinese Government to Get Information on COVID-19?

By Carl Thayer
What links does APT32 have to the Vietnamese state?

January 07, 2020

Asia Reassurance Initiative Act: Framework for a US Indo-Pacific Strategy?

By Carl Thayer
ARIA provides a comprehensive framework for U.S. policy and strategy in the Indo- Pacific region.

November 01, 2019

A Difficult Summer in the South China Sea

By Carl Thayer
Chinese coercive activities persist in one of Asia's hottest flashpoints.

January 17, 2019

After Brexit: Global Britain Plots Course to Return to the Far East

By Carl Thayer
A post-Brexit Britain will double down on the Asia-Pacific.

January 08, 2019

ARIA: Congress Makes Its Mark on US Asia Policy

By Carl Thayer
ARIA is a significant step toward a more engaged U.S. posture in Asia.
August 03, 2018

A Closer Look at the ASEAN-China Single Draft South China Sea Code of Conduct

By Carl Thayer
A sneak peak at the ASEAN-China Single Draft Code of Conduct in the South China Sea Negotiating Text.

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