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Eleanor Albert

Eleanor Albert

Eleanor M. Albert is a Ph.D. student in Political Science at the George Washington University.

Eleanor M. Albert is a Ph.D. student in Political Science at the George Washington University. Her research interests include Chinese foreign and domestic policy, the evolving nature of Chinese power, and how the country exerts its influence and builds relationships. Prior to her Ph.D., Eleanor worked as the Asia writer for the explanatory journalism arm of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York where she published work on a wide range of Asia-related topics including China’s rise, modern slavery, regional organizations in Asia, the Rohingya migration crisis, North Korea’s military and nuclear proliferation, and U.S.-China relations.

Her work has been republished, featured, or quoted in outlets including the New York Times, PBS NewsHour, Newsweek, WNYC, the Atlantic’s DefenseOne, Business Insider, HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, RealClearWorld, and VOA, among others.

Eleanor has lived in China and France and speaks French and Mandarin. She received a dual degree masters from Sciences Po in European Affairs and from Fudan University in International Politics. She completed her bachelors degree in Political Science and Chinese at Vassar College

Posts by Eleanor Albert
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March 27, 2020

How a Pandemic Drew China and Serbia Closer 

By Eleanor Albert
China's medical assistance to Serbia inspired profuse gratitude from President Vucic.
March 14, 2020

China’s Coronavirus Spin

By Eleanor Albert
As the pandemic hits hard in other countries, China has declared its own response a success story.

March 06, 2020

Huawei Doubles Down on Europe With New Factory

By Eleanor Albert
The France-based plant will be the company's first manufacturing plant outside of China.

February 24, 2020

Pompeo’s Africa Trip Reinforces Message of Competition With China 

By Eleanor Albert
Increasingly, U.S. diplomacy around the world is being shaped by the perceived competition with China.

February 13, 2020

The Coronavirus and China’s Diplomatic Slowdown

By Eleanor Albert
With Beijing turning inward to battle the new disease, progress on the foreign policy front may be delayed.
February 06, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak: What Is the World Doing to Help China?

By Eleanor Albert
Countries, companies, and nonprofits from around the world are sending funds and supplies to help combat the epidemic.

January 29, 2020

China Tackles Its Plastic Problem

By Eleanor Albert
Ambitious new reforms seek to cut down on China’s plastic addiction.
January 19, 2020

Xi Seeks to Boost Belt and Road With Myanmar Visit

By Eleanor Albert
Myanmar's government seems eager to embrace China again; the public may have more reservations.

January 09, 2020

Beijing’s New Man in Hong Kong

By Eleanor Albert
Luo Huining is the new Liaison Office chief. Does that signal a new approach from Beijing toward the Hong Kong unrest?

December 28, 2019

China, South Korea, and Japan Make Nice in Chengdu

By Eleanor Albert
The latest trilateral summit comes amid North Korea worries and Japan-South Korea tensions.

December 25, 2019

China-Pakistan to Deepen Military Ties With Arabian Sea Exercises

By Eleanor Albert
The January 2020 drills are just one facet of a growing China-Pakistan defense partnership.
December 06, 2019

Russia, China’s Neighborhood Energy Alternative

By Eleanor Albert
The opening of the Power of Siberia pipeline draws attention to a blossoming energy partnership between China and Russia.

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