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Linda van der Horst

Linda van der Horst

Linda van der Horst has been published in Foreign Policy, The Globe and Mail, National Post and openDemocracy.

Linda van der Horst holds a Master’s degree in Modern Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford. She has lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore, and discovered her passion for writing whilst doing field research in rural China. Her articles have been published in Foreign PolicyThe Globe and MailNational Post and openDemocracy.

Posts by Linda van der Horst
August 03, 2016

Taiwan's President Offers Apology to Indigenous People

By Linda van der Horst
As part of a focus on transitional justice, Tsai Ing-wen formally apologizes for "4 centuries of pain and mistreatment."

June 10, 2016

The Evolution of Taiwanese Identity

By Linda van der Horst
As Taiwanese identity becomes more prominent, people seek out their connections to indigenous tribes.
April 14, 2016

Taiwan's Illegal Fishing Is 'Out of Control'

By Linda van der Horst
Illegal fishing has Taiwan facing a ban on seafood exports to the EU.

March 02, 2016

The 228 Incident and Taiwan's Transitional Justice

By Linda van der Horst
What does Tsai Ing-wen's election mean for truth and accountability for Taiwan's dark past?

February 24, 2016

Taiwan's 'Third Force' Makes Its Presence Known in Legislature

By Linda van der Horst
A newly elected legislator from the New Power Party caused a sensation on Taiwan's social media.

February 17, 2016

A Fishball Revolution and Umbrella Soldiers: The Battle for Hong Kong's Soul

By Linda van der Horst
In Hong Kong, fears over a lost identity are manifesting in very different ways.
February 07, 2016

'Taiwan #1': Online Gaming Meets Cross-Strait Relations

By Linda van der Horst
An American gamer has cultivated a following in Taiwan by tweaking mainland Chinese players with the phrase "Taiwan #1."

January 06, 2016

The Rise of Taiwan’s ‘Third Force’

By Linda van der Horst
Taiwan's liberals are poised to win big, thanks in part to a new political dynamic born from the Sunflower Movement.

November 14, 2015

Wal-Mart Uprising: The Battle for Labor Rights in China

By Linda van der Horst
Wal-Mart is the latest frontier in China's nascent labor rights movement.

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