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Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor

Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor

Mimrah Ghafoor writes on the politics and diplomacy of the Indian Ocean, with a particular focus on the Maldives. He holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. He served as a speechwriter for the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly.

Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor, a Maldivian national holding an MA in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, served as a speechwriter and later as the lead speechwriter at the Office of the President of the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Before this, he worked as an Assistant Director in the Maldives President’s Office and as a Foreign Service Officer in the Maldives’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to his government service, Mimrah was involved in the NGO sector, working with Transparency Maldives – the national chapter of Transparency International – and Advocating the Rights of Children, an organization specializing in promoting and protecting children’s rights.

Posts by Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
September 20, 2023

Nasheed’s Democrats Emerge Kingmakers in Maldivian Presidential Election

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
Will President Solih concede to friend-turned-foe Nasheed’s demand for a referendum to win his support in the runoff election?

September 05, 2023

Ibrahim Solih Optimistic on Re-election Chances

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
While the ruling MDP expects him to win an outright victory in the first round, the possibility of a run-off vote cannot be ruled out.
August 23, 2023

India-China Contest Looms Over Maldives’ Presidential Elections

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
While Muizzu's victory could see a tilt toward China in the archipelago’s foreign policy, India and its Quad partners will cheer President Solih’s re-election.

August 14, 2023

Maldives’ Presidential Election Is a Multi-Horse Race

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
The electoral line-up lays bare political fragmentation in the young and tumultuous democracy.

July 10, 2023

Former Adversaries Unite to Challenge President Solih in Maldives Presidential Elections

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
But there are serious differences between the constituents of the new anti-Solih partnership on domestic and foreign policy issues.

June 12, 2023

Will ‘The Democrats’ Reconfigure the Maldives’ Political Landscape?

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
A new party formed out of a rift in the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party could impact upcoming presidential elections in the Maldives.
May 20, 2023

Damaging and Disingenuous: Evaluating the ‘India Out’ Campaign in Maldives

By Mimrah Abdul Ghafoor
When it comes to India, a stark contrast emerges when comparing Abdulla Yameen’s current campaign rhetoric with his previous actions as president. 

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