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Mitch Shin

Mitch Shin

Mitch Shin is Chief Koreas Correspondent for The Diplomat.

Mitch Shin was previously a journalist for Asia Times for a year and a half, working in Seoul, South Korea. Shin was also a news assistant for contributors at DW and Al Jazeera before joining the team. Follow him on Twitter: @MitchShin5
Posts by Mitch Shin
September 23, 2021

At UN, Moon Again Calls for Declaration to End the Korean War

By Mitch Shin
Moon wants to lead cooperation among neighboring countries to tackle Korean Peninsula issues, but there is little interest from the other parties.

September 20, 2021

What Do North Korea’s Latest Missile Launches Mean?

By Mitch Shin
Sometimes a missile test is just a missile test, without any grand diplomatic messaging.
September 15, 2021

North Korea Fires 2 Ballistic Missiles Off Its East Coast

By Mitch Shin
The North’s missile launch came amid a flurry of diplomatic meetings in Seoul and Tokyo. Seoul quickly followed up with its own SLBM test. 

September 13, 2021

In Signal to the US, North Korea Tests New Long-Range Cruise Missiles

By Mitch Shin
North Korea test-launched newly developed long-range cruise missiles over the weekend, just after an unusual military parade.  

September 10, 2021

North Korea’s Unusual Military Parade

By Mitch Shin
Unlike previous military parades, North Korea did not unveil new advanced weapons this time.

September 02, 2021

Why Did North Korea Restart Its Nuclear Reactor?  

By Mitch Shin
The reported restart of the Yongbyon nuclear reactor is likely a bid for attention at a time when the United States is more focused on China’s rise.  
August 24, 2021

US Special Envoy for North Korea Visits South Korea

By Mitch Shin
With diplomacy stalled, Sung Kim and Noh Kyu-duk discuss how to renew dialogues with their counterparts in Pyongyang. 

August 20, 2021

After Afghanistan, Should South Korea Worry About US Commitment?

By Mitch Shin
Most South Koreans see their situation as fundamentally different, but some are arguing that the country must prepare for a possible U.S. withdrawal.

August 12, 2021

North Korea Issues Warning Over South Korea-US Joint Military Exercises

By Mitch Shin
Shortly after the two Koreas restored communication channels, North Korea lambasted the upcoming exercises and stopped returning the South’s calls. 

August 10, 2021

Kim Joon-hyung on How Seoul Can Lead Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula 

By Mitch Shin
The Diplomat’s Mitch Shin interviews Dr. Kim Joon-hyung, chancellor of Korea National Diplomatic Academy, on the Korean peace process.

July 27, 2021

North, South Korea Agree to Reopen Communication Channels

By Mitch Shin
With only eight months left in President Moon’s term, the two Koreas surprisingly agreed to restore channels and improve ties.
July 20, 2021

President Moon Decides Against Olympic Visit to Japan

By Mitch Shin
After a Japanese senior diplomat’s lewd comment about Moon was reported, South Korea decided to stop negotiating with Japan over a presidential summit in Tokyo. 

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