Afghanistan peace process

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June 06, 2019

Russia's Falling Out With Kabul

By Samuel Ramani
Russia's embrace of the Taliban is increasingly coming at the expense of Afghan President Ghani's government.
May 30, 2019

What Happened to the Afghan-Led, Afghan-Owned Peace Talks?

By Monish Tourangbam and Nandita Palrecha
Talks continue without Kabul; meanwhile, the Afghan government struggles with questions of legitimacy at the top.

May 28, 2019

What Colombia Can Teach Us About Afghanistan

By Lionel Beehner and Liam Collins
Two wars, two peace deals -- what lessons does Colombia hold for Afghanistan?

April 30, 2019

Afghan President Convenes Grand Council, Hoping for Consensus on Taliban Talks

By Kathy Gannon
The Loya Jirga is supposed to forge unity in a divided Afghanistan, but it may just underline existing fissures.

April 23, 2019

An Afghan Peace on Whose Terms?

By Marvin G. Weinbaum and Samad Sadri
Peace talks are predicated on the notion that the Taliban have fundamentally changed. They haven't.
April 18, 2019

Is the Taliban’s Former Capital Ready to Welcome Them Back?

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad
Kandahar has come a long way since Taliban rule. What do its residents think about the peace talks?

April 15, 2019

The Afghan Endgame: What, When, and How

By Daud Khattak
As Doha gears up for another round of Taliban talks, hope and despair are both in the air.
March 19, 2019

Can the Afghan State Survive the Peace Process?

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad
Concerns are growing that Afghanistan's government will not survive an eventual U.S. withdrawal.

February 27, 2019

The Other Peace Talks: Afghan Women, Millennials, and Social Media

By Michelle Tolson
The grassroots peace process is working – it just needs time, say civil society activists

February 27, 2019

US-Taliban Talks: What's on the Agenda in Doha?

By Catherine Putz
This week's critical talks between the U.S. and the Taliban revolve around a two-item agenda.

February 22, 2019

Will This Man Be Afghanistan’s Next President?

By Tamim Asey
Mohammad Haneef Atmar could shape the future of Afghanistan and US engagement in the country.
February 14, 2019

Without Regional Cooperation, Afghan Peace Will Remain Elusive

By Daud Khattak
Afghanistan won’t have peace unless its neighbors agree to stop their meddling.

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