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Filipino Who Helped Tame Insurgency and Pro-poor Indian Cancer Doctor Among Magsaysay Awardees

Filipino Who Helped Tame Insurgency and Pro-poor Indian Cancer Doctor Among Magsaysay Awardees

By Jim Gomez
The Ramon Magsaysay Awards honor "greatness of spirit" in selfless service to people across Asia. 

It’s Where you Focus

It’s Where you Focus

Beyond the big news right now in Japan, is another tale of small political victory.

A Boy Band Bravo

A Boy Band Bravo

When pop celebrities step out of the mould, it can be simply swoon-worthy.

Not Born into a Brothel

‘From a Calcutta brothel to a New York University,’ reports the BBC today on one of the eight children who were featured in the 2004 documentary Born into Brothels, a remarkable film about finding hope through art for some of the most unfortunate you

Artist Unchops a Tree

What is Missing? According to artist Maya Lin’s latest monument bearing this title, a lot of things-like all of the living species on earth that have or will become extinct within our lifetimes due to our rapid destruction of their natural habitats.&

What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?
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What’s Driving Taiwan’s Mass Protests?

Luxury Watches and Artists?

Last week I mentioned a new book by Phaidon on renowned artist Anish Kapoor, creator of one of my favourite public art installations — the Sky Mirror. Well now Kapoor is in the news again, having been announced as an official mentor by the 2010-11 R

Uncorking the Arts

I’ve always thought of wine-making as an art form — in the same category as fine cheese and fine chocolate
production — though
at the same time I try not to forget I’m fortunate to even be able to have an
opinion on this.


Where the Heart Is -- This Sri Lankan architect knows

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to come across some inspiring bits of info from the Asia-Pacific cultural arena. One was on Sri Lankan architect Chevadurai Anjalendran, whose work is the subject of the newly-released book Anjalendran: Architect of

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