September 11, 2018

COMCASA: Another Step Forward for the United States and India

By Jeff Smith
The conclusion of the COMCASA agreement between India and the United States is a big deal.

September 04, 2018

The COMCASA Question in US-India Military Relations

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
The agreement is among the hot topics of discussion ahead of the 2+2 dialogue this week.
August 30, 2018

What's on the Agenda for the First US-India 2+2 Dialogue?

By Ankit Panda
The first-ever 2+2 meeting between top defense and diplomatic officials marks a milestone for the U.S.-India relationship.

June 29, 2018

Why Postponing the New US-India Dialogue Matters

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Such developments only exacerbate the challenges of managing differences in an important, complex relationship.

March 15, 2018

From Sea to Space: India and France Deepen Security Cooperation

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Outer space and maritime security featured prominently during the French president’s India visit this week.

January 23, 2017

US, India Sharing Information on Chinese Submarines. Here's Why That Matters

By Ankit Panda
The commander of U.S. Pacific Command confirms that the two countries are peering at Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean.

December 09, 2016

US Defense Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific: What Obama and Carter Will Leave Trump and Mattis

By Ankit Panda and Prashanth Parameswaran
What will the Obama administration leave the incoming administration on Asia defense policy?

October 19, 2016

India and Russia Struggle to Regain the Past Glow

By Harsh V. Pant
The old partnership survives, but new limits are becoming quickly apparent.

September 16, 2016

India and US Hold Joint Military Exercise Near Chinese Border

By Franz-Stefan Gady
The annual military drill focuses on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations.

September 14, 2016

Understanding the Strategic Logic Behind the US-India Military Logistics Pact

By Harsh V. Pant
The U.S.-India Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement benefits both countries.
August 30, 2016

India, US Sign Logistics Exchange Agreement: What You Need to Know

By Ankit Panda
The two countries finally signed the long-awaited Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement.

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