June 14, 2019

Modi Regaining Lost Opportunities in the Maldives and Sri Lanka

By Shishir Upadhyaya
India is once again presented with an opportunity to expand its military influence in the region.

June 07, 2019

Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative Undermining Human Rights?

By Abbas Faiz
The BRI has provided much-needed development, but it has also generated more authoritarianism.
March 04, 2019

The Maldives: The New Kid on the Islamist Block

By Siddharthya Roy
Unabated Islamist radicalism in the Maldives poses a unique challenge to India’s security focused foreign policy.

December 22, 2018

A New Chapter in India-Maldives Relations

By Vinay Kaura
With a change of leadership in Male, the Maldives have turned back to India.

November 30, 2018

India and the Maldives: Back on Track?

By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Recent changes have provided an opening for both sides to recalibrate ties.

November 19, 2018

Ibu Solih Is Sworn in as the Maldives' Next President

By Ankit Panda
Solih outlined an agenda for his first hundred days in office.
September 29, 2018

Reviewing the Fifth Inter-Korean Summit: Denuclearization, Military CBMs, and More

By Ankit Panda and Prashanth Parameswaran
How long can Moon Jae-in keep the U.S.-North Korea diplomatic process on track?

September 26, 2018

The Maldives Election: A Renewed Chance for India?

By Jayesh Khatu
The victory of opposition leader Solih is an opportunity for India to regain influence in the Maldives.

February 21, 2018

India’s Role and China's Roads in the Indo-Pacific

By Bharath Gopalaswamy
Looking east and south, New Delhi’s attention is finally turning to Southeast Asia.

February 21, 2018

Welcome to the New Indian Ocean

By David Brewster
New players are creating a more multipolar and complex Indian Ocean environment

February 14, 2018

India Gains Access to Oman's Duqm Port, Putting the Indian Ocean Geopolitical Contest in the Spotlight

By Ankit Panda
Duqm adds an important node to a growing network of facilities in the Indian Ocean held by actors with interests in preserving the status quo.
February 06, 2018

A Political Crisis Deepens in the Maldives: The Geopolitical Stakes for India and Its Options

By Ankit Panda
Indian policymakers will weigh the pros and cons of various measures in the coming days. Will New Delhi intervene?

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