Maritime Security

August 15, 2019

Decoding Australia’s Strange Silence Over China’s Transgressions in the South China Sea

By Tuan Anh Luc
What will it take for Canberra to pipe up?

February 06, 2019

The Japan-South Korea Maritime Spat: Lessons Learned 

By Mark J. Valencia
The confrontation has implications for the rest of Asia, and the United States.
September 26, 2018

Fake Flags: At-Sea Sanctions Enforcement and Ship Identity Falsification

By Olivia Vassalotti and Cameron Trainer
Fraudulent ship registration makes the already challenge task of sanctions enforcement more difficult.

September 17, 2018

Maritime Security Cooperation in the South China Sea: Sailing In Different Directions

By Mark J. Valencia
“The diplomatic graveyard is full of failed proposals and efforts that did not take regional realities into account.”

July 14, 2018

Chinese Navy Surveillance Vessel Observes RIMPAC 2018 Exercises

By Ankit Panda
Once again, China has sent a Type 815 AGI to observe RIMPAC.

June 13, 2018

Indonesia’s Chance to Advocate Maritime Security Issues on the Security Council

By Pandu Utama Manggala
Indonesia has won a seat at the UN’s top body. Time to make good use of this chance to advance maritime security.
April 30, 2018

Consensus by Deletion: Reviewing the 32nd ASEAN Leaders' Summit and the South China Sea

By Carl Thayer
A close look at the recent summit's chairman's statement shows the grouping's continued subdued treatment of the South China Sea disputes.

January 09, 2018

India's Lone Arihant-class SSBN Has Been Out of Service for Months

By Ankit Panda
The Indian Navy has a serious submarine operations problem.

July 19, 2017

Asia Reassurance Initiative Act: A Republican Vision for Engaging Southeast Asia

By Carl Thayer
Can the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act find strategic ballast?

June 14, 2017

Chinese Navy Task Group Visits Pakistan With a Focus on Increasing Interoperability

By Ankit Panda
Three Chinese warships are in Pakistan for a four-day visit that will include training exercises.

April 28, 2017

US Navy and Marine Corps Preparing for Combat in the Littoral

By Steven Stashwick
New war-fighting concepts enable a "denial" strategy against China.
February 11, 2017

Pakistan Kicks off Large Multinational Naval Exercise

By Franz-Stefan Gady
The naval drill involves 37 countries including China, Russia, and the United States.

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