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Muslim Pop Culture
April 15, 2010

Muslim Pop Culture

Ten years into democracy, Indonesia is now home to a booming new pop culture.

Hip Hop Japan
April 14, 2010

Hip Hop Japan

In an ode to an industry figure, we ask some questions about Japan’s rap culture.

No. 2: Godzilla
March 25, 2010

No. 2: Godzilla

Over 50 years old, this iconic monster of a film is second on our countdown.

No. 3: Ringu
March 24, 2010

No. 3: Ringu

Spine-tingling ‘J-Horror’ movie that pioneered a revolution is third on our list.

Pop Culture Politics
March 11, 2010

Pop Culture Politics

Japan’s anime can help us understand its politics, says MIT prof and author.

February 17, 2010

It's Buddhism 2010

‘It’s about the Buddha, yo. Hey brother, listen carefully! You got it? No? You don’t? Okay, baby, no problem.’This hip-hop excerpt is just a small taste of a new wave of Japanese Buddhism that is becoming increasingly popular, at least according to a

February 15, 2010

India TV Ads No Good?

I couldn’t resist a headline which read, ‘Best Ever Commercials of India,’ jumping out at me on a popular aggregation website recently. Clicking through, I found myself on a strange marketing website that despite its lack of cohesion, as promised, ha

February 04, 2010

Darker Side of Reality TV in India

After briefly mentioning the phenomenon of reality TV in India last month, I’ve since had a chance to speak with our India correspondent Shreyasi Singh about it in more depth. And I was delighted to find that she had some insightful thoughts to share

February 01, 2010

India's Mozart Hits LA

The biggest annual music event in the West-the Grammys-has just wrapped up in the US. And thanks to the still-reverberating success of Slumdog Millionaire, India has made its mark again on the international scene, with renowned Indian music composer

January 29, 2010

China's 'Gen Y' NOT Western

Want to be cool in China? Try taking on some family values. According to an article published Monday in BusinessWeek, ‘Reckoning with Chinese Gen Y,’ while younger generations in the country (aged roughly between 15 and 30) are becoming more ‘modern,

January 28, 2010

Will Asia Buy Into iPad?

I miss the jungle. Last year I spent an epic night in the wilderness of Cambodia, with nothing but a netted hammock to protect me from the elements. It was an experience I still fondly recall, in part because for once I wasn’t wrapped in that other n

January 26, 2010

A Made-in-China Mountain

Does China have a love-hate relationship with Avatar? Or is it all just media hype? Last week headlines highlighted the fact that the hit film was being removed from 2-D screens nationwide-with some sources framing the event as an act of defiance aga

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