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China: 'Goodbye Blues!'

Getting as much (if not more) media coverage than the on-going ‘Google vs. China’ saga today is the ‘China vs. Avatar’ story. According to news sources, China’s state-run China Film Corporation this week made the decision to shut down all two-dimensi

Taking it High-brow

Is there a Japanese Andy Warhol? Perhaps, some say, contemporary artist Takashi Murakami fits the bill. His likeness to the late art icon is attributed to his similar ability to transform pop culture to appeal to ‘high-brow’ audiences. And, while his

Charismatic Author of Upcoming Rock & Roll Jihad

I didn’t know there was a ‘Pakistani U2,’ but according to my recent research into the region there is, and it’s rock and roll band Junoon. Although the group has been in hiatus since 2005, it’s still arguably one of the most popular and influential

Top Actor No. 1 -Shahrukh Khan

Indian Cinema Series ’Shahrukh Khan’ (also Shah Rukh Khan) has a rather regal ring to it-appropriate for a figure who looms so large over the Bollywood scene that his most famous nickname graces the cover of the book, King of Bollywood: Shah Ruk

Top Actor No. 2 - Aamir Khan

Indian Cinema Series Aamir Khan is a somewhat mysterious figure on the Bollywood scene. I say that, because he doesn’t play the celebrity game the way many stars do. Take for example, the fact that he won’t attend Indian film award shows, even t

Top Actor No. 3 - Salman Khan

Indian Cinema Series The slick, muscular torso of devoted bodybuilder Salman Khan is a familiar sight to anybody who follows the Bollywood scene, who is No. 3 on our Top Indian Actors countdown.  The well-sculpted celebrity has been in the

Top Actor No. 4 - Amitabh Bachchan

Indian Cinema Series  Yesterday marked day 570 of Amitabh Bachchan’s diary-style blog, and his entry today already has over 300 comments posted to it. Some days more than 600 fans reach out to the megastar via this channel, churning out heartfel

Top Actor No. 5 - Hrithik Roshan

Indian Cinema Series The 2000s saw a flurry of activity in Bollywood. Increased global interest led to more international releases which, combined with what was seen as an overall boost in film quality and innovation and surge in urban theatre c

Resistance is Futile. It's the Bollywood seduction

Having wrapped up our countdown of actresses yesterday, I’m now jumping straight into our list of Top 5 Actors in Indian Cinema.  And on a more personal note, I’ve recently joined some on-line Bollywood fan groups and started following the lates

Top Actress No. 1 - Katrina Kaif

Indian Cinema Series Who out there hasn’t tried at least once ‘googling’ their own name? Well, if Katrina Kaif has, she would only be one of thousands, perhaps millions, to have entered her name in that search box–the actress, who is No. 1 on o

Top Actress No. 2 - Priyanka Chopra

Indian Cinema Series We’ve found Priyanka Chopra’s Twitter account – and the ‘Diplomat_APAC’ is now one of her 80,000-plus followers. Indeed, the Indian actress, who is No. 2 on our Top 5 Indian Actresses countdown, has piqued my interest enough to h

Top Actress No. 3 - Kareena Kapoor

India Cinema SeriesPersonally, I don’t think Kareena Kapoor’s nickname, Bebo, suits her. But my opinion doesn’t really count for much considering the Indian media and fans alike have embraced everything about Kapoor (including her moniker, which was

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