Regional Cuisine

The Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner

A new book by two Australian women shows fabulous new ways to enjoy wine with food.

Of Singapore and Dumplings

Of Singapore and Dumplings

Singapore is great for more than one reason. And its diverse dining scene is just an added bonus.

Chinese Food Pairings

Chinese Food Pairings

Is there a future for domestic wine-makers in overseas Chinese restaurants?

Kiwi McMarketing

Kiwi McMarketing

Menu items get Weight Watchers’ ok at 150 New Zealand shops. Cause for alarm?


An Atlantic feature titled ‘The National Bread of Afghanistan,’ accompanied by a 21-photo slideshow, got me wondering what kind of last minute editorial bind they must have been in to produce such an extensive piece on bread in their food section. Ce

Flavours of Asia

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Mai Pham was born in Vietnam, raised in Thailand and moved to the US-where she currently resides-with her family back in 1975. And despite having started her professional career as a TV reporter, she eventually turned

Wine for Tolerance and Grape Coffee for Health?

Muslim fundamentalists should drink wine to become more tolerant, says Roger Vernon Scruton-philosopher and current scholar at the American Enterprise Institute-in Decanter magazine this month.  In the piece, Scruton reminds us of, in his opinio

A Weight Watchers' Toast

Lower your alcohol content and lower your BMI? According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘A case of light and easy,’ this notion is the driving force behind a new wine trend amongst the weight-conscious in Australia. According to it, low-

Climate Change and Luxury Fungi

Eat less meat, save the world. In a (very simplified) nutshell, this is what Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, suggested at the Copenhagen summit last year. Rajendra has publicly shared this idea before-

Pomegranate Controversy, Or Lack Thereof

Earlier this year, the pomegranate became the unlikely focus of a controversy surrounding accusations of false advertising in the UK, when a juice company’s advert suggested that the fruit could help consumers ‘cheat death

Saffron Stocks Hit by Climate Change

One of my favourite recent feature stories on our site has been ‘Climate Change’s First Refugees,’ by Ben Bohane. It’s timely, and I’m impressed by the way Ben was able to bring together these unique and urgent voices of locals on the remote Carteret

Good Food Article!

informative food article (‘Complements
to the Chef’) in The Australian
this weekend by Simon Thomsen, co-editor of The
2010 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, caught my attention. (The first
line: ‘I have a confession to make

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