Facebook Nation?

Facebook is the world’s ‘third biggest nation.’ But can it fight crime and teach governance?

Talking iPad in Asia

Talking iPad in Asia

The iPad in Asia. What does it mean for big business, the printed book and even restaurants?

Love War: Japan vs. Philippines

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day in Japan, there was a steady flow among the major cities’ females. First they hit up grocery store baking isles in droves, and then moved on to craft shop gift-wrapping sections. Later they dispersed graceful

Wine for Tolerance and Grape Coffee for Health?

Muslim fundamentalists should drink wine to become more tolerant, says Roger Vernon Scruton-philosopher and current scholar at the American Enterprise Institute-in Decanter magazine this month.  In the piece, Scruton reminds us of, in his opinio

Feng Shui Hip No More?

Very rich woman in China. Feng shui master & ex-lover. Massive fortune. All embroiled in a heated battle over a questionable will. News of the made-for-movie sort from China has caused quite a stir among international media outlets today. Not sur

A Made-in-China Mountain

Does China have a love-hate relationship with Avatar? Or is it all just media hype? Last week headlines highlighted the fact that the hit film was being removed from 2-D screens nationwide-with some sources framing the event as an act of defiance aga

A Weight Watchers' Toast

Lower your alcohol content and lower your BMI? According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘A case of light and easy,’ this notion is the driving force behind a new wine trend amongst the weight-conscious in Australia. According to it, low-

China: 'Goodbye Blues!'

Getting as much (if not more) media coverage than the on-going ‘Google vs. China’ saga today is the ‘China vs. Avatar’ story. According to news sources, China’s state-run China Film Corporation this week made the decision to shut down all two-dimensi

Clinton's Sax, the Mukhabarat and Reality TV

A shopping mall explosion, gay rights movement and gym-produced rock-hard abs are just a few of the Top 25 trends to hit India in the past decade, according to Resident Editor of the Times of India, Vikas Singh. In his entertaining annual round-up ar

A Black Mouthful. Please?

It’s Christmas Eve, and though I’ve surely not been so bad as to deserve coal from Santa this year, I might actually like to find something black inside of my stocking tomorrow morning. Although it’s been a health trend in Japan for about a decade no

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