Oceania: The Key And Turnbull Show

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Oceania: The Key And Turnbull Show

The leaders of Australia and New Zealand are enjoying a political bromance.

Oceania: The Key And Turnbull Show
Credit: Gonzalo Fuentes, Reuters

Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull nominated New Zealand’s John Key as a model leader on the night he was installed in the top job. As Turnbull prepares for his first general election as prime minister while Key enters his eighth year as leader in 2016, the Australian will be hoping the “bromance” can help him achieve the same political longevity.

Speaking to the media after his successful leadership coup over former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in September 2015, Turnbull was quick to nominate Key as a role model for economic reform.

“My firm belief is that to be a successful leader in 2015, perhaps at any time, you have to be able to bring people with you by respecting their intelligence in the manner you explain things…John Key for example, has been able to achieve very significant economic reforms in New Zealand by doing just that,” he said.